Unlock the Benefits of Bookmarking for Marketers

Have you ever texted or e-mailed someone a link you thought would benefit your friend or colleague? Whatever link it is, a job link, a weight loss tips website, an inspiring motivational video, etc., you have participated in social bookmarking.


What is Social Bookmarking? 

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool for content marketers, allowing them to store and share their web pages with others. It’s an off-page optimization activity that helps improve the SEO of a site by creating backlinks from other websites.

When you submit your link to a social bookmarking website, you can title it and add related descriptions and keywords.

This title is an anchor text for the backlink, so incorporating main keywords into the title can help optimize your link even further.

Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

Popular social bookmarking sites include Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious and Reddit.

Each one offers different features that make them unique – on Twitter, you’re limited to 140 characters or less; while on Pinterest, images are key; while on Digg, users vote up stories they like best; while Delicious has tagging capabilities, and Reddit encourages discussion around topics through its comment threads.

Using these sites effectively requires more than just submitting links – it involves engaging with other users meaningfully.

For example, if someone comments positively about your post, then thank them or respond to their questions and comments to build relationships with potential customers or influencers who may be interested in what you offer.

You could also join conversations relevant to your niche to get noticed by people who might not otherwise find out about you or become aware of what services, products you provide etc.

In addition, using social bookmarks can help increase traffic directly from those sites, which means more exposure for whatever page content was shared there – this could lead to increased brand awareness & loyalty among existing followers plus new ones too!

Plus, search engines will recognize the number of times something has been shared online, boosting its rankings when someone searches for related terms associated with that topic (which increases visibility). 

All this adds up over time resulting in improved organic reach & higher conversion rates, which is great news for any marketer looking to maximize their ROI!

Best Practices for Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking effectively increases your online presence and builds a following around your brand or niche. However, following best practices when engaging in social bookmarking activities is important.

Here are some tips for success:

Choose Quality Sites

Pick respected ones with high domain authority when selecting sites to post on.

This will help ensure that search engines recognize the content you share and boost its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Avoid low-authority sites, as they can have a negative impact on your domain authority score.

Complete Your Profile

Make sure you claim each profile and add complete information about yourself or your company across all social bookmarking sites.

Consistency is key here – be sure to use the same name, logo, bio etc., so that search engines can easily index your site correctly.

Engage With Your Audience

Don’t just fill out a profile and then disappear!

Social bookmarking works like any other social media platform – take part in conversations, interact with other users, comment on posts etc., if possible.

The more engaged you are with others on these platforms, the better chance of success you have at building relationships and increasing visibility for your brand or business.

Track Progress 

Remember to track progress by monitoring metrics such as click-through rates (CTRs), shares, likes, comments etc., so that you can adjust strategies accordingly over time based on what works best for achieving desired outcomes from social bookmarking activities.

Top Social Bookmarking Websites

  • Twitter is one of the top social bookmarking websites. It’s a great platform for sharing links and engaging with your audience. Plus, it’s easy to post content you want to revisit later. 
  • Pinterest is a social media network that functions similarly to a social bookmarking site. You can create boards and save content (pinning) to return to later. For example, if you are getting married, you can create a “Wedding Hair” board and save pins for various hairstyles.
  • Pocket is a social bookmarking service that allows you to save articles, videos, and stories from any publication or website. Pocket’s paid version allows you to annotate, highlight, and take notes on articles you read.
  • Mix (formerly StumbleUpon) is also worth considering; the more you use it, the better it gets at understanding what you like so that those who appreciate your content will see more of it.
  • Medium is a social bookmarking and online publishing platform where you can publish and save posts to read later. To personalize your feed on Medium, you can favorite different topics, writers, and publications. You can clap for an article below it (similar to favoring it) and learn more about the author and organization associated with the piece.
  • Dribble is perfect if design inspiration or traffic from a design team is what you’re after – its aesthetic appeal makes this site stand out from the rest!
  • is a social bookmarking site focusing on content research and publishing for individuals and businesses. The way Scoop. works with businesses is a unique feature. It lets you publish directly to your websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media. 
  • Digg has high authority status, so if your content can reach its front page, expect serious traffic!
  • Reddit also offers something for everyone, but be aware that there are rules in place which must be followed; users generate bookmarks when they comment, upvote or downvote posts on here too.
  • Facebook still has potential even though the organic reach isn’t quite what it used to be – get creative and post interesting content, and you could find yourself reaping the rewards!
  • Tumblr provides short-form blogs where multimedia can be posted, while Pocket allows articles to be pocketed via an app and search by interest feature.
  • Slashdot offers news stories related to current events, industries etc., similar to Reddit but with a different layout and feel altogether – check them out and decide which works best for you!

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites? 

Content Curation

One of your responsibilities as a marketer, particularly on social media, is to curate content to share with your audience. People look to your brand for industry resources and expertise. You can save articles or resources you find online using a social bookmarking site, so you always have enough content to share with your audience. Social bookmarking saves time and allows you to schedule content in advance.

Content Curation
Source: Pinterest

Tag Content

Most social bookmarking sites allow you to “tag” content, which means you can label it. For instance, if you post a blog about YouTube SEO strategies, you can “tag” that content as “YouTube.” 

Then, when you want to look for that article again or need YouTube resources, you have a section in your social bookmarking account labelled YouTube. This keeps your saved resources organized and accessible.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Social bookmarking sites can direct visitors to your website. If people bookmark and vote on your post, it will appear in searches and drive traffic to your site.

You want others to bookmark your content and share your posts on your social bookmarking profile. You can make this easier for users by including social bookmarking buttons on your blog, allowing readers to bookmark your content with the click of a button.

In the example below, writer Nicole Peeler drives traffic to her website through the content she creates on Medium. She links to her website, Medium profile, and organization profile below her post. Users who like her post can easily find more information by using the links below the article.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Build Backlinks

Social bookmarking sites can be an excellent complement to your link-building strategy. You can bookmark resources on your website using your profile. However, you should include more than just bookmarks on your website.

Use social bookmarking as usual, bookmarking other resources, but mix in a few posts from your site. While social bookmarking should not be your sole link-building strategy, it can supplement it.

Share Resources

Sharing content with your team is another way to use social bookmarking tools. If you find an article about social media strategy as a marketer, you can tag it as “Social Media”, so your social media team can find it. Furthermore, if everyone on your team can access the social bookmarking site, they can check in regularly to find the required resources. This allows employees to advance their careers while sharing what they learn with their coworkers.

In Pocket, for example, you can “tag” content. You can access specific articles by clicking the “Tags” category on the left-hand side of your profile.

Organize and Save Resources

One advantage of social bookmarking sites is that they allow you to organize and save content you want to revisit later. As a marketer, you should keep track of resources that will help you grow professionally. Using a site where you can keep these resources organized so you retain valuable content is beneficial.


Search engines frequently display results from social bookmarking websites. A link is created when a site is bookmarked on a social bookmarking site, and search engines index it. This builds trust with search engines. Content frequently voted for and bookmarked by users on social bookmarking sites appears higher in search engine results.

Promote Your Mentions

You can use social bookmarking to link to articles or blog posts that mention your company in addition to bookmarking articles on your site. Your social bookmarking profile, on the other hand, should include a mix of self-promotion and unbranded content.


In conclusion, bookmarking is a powerful tool for marketers to optimize their content and increase visibility. Bookmarking can help you reach more potential customers, drive traffic to your website, and boost SEO rankings. 

By understanding the benefits of bookmarking and following best practices, you can ensure your content reaches its full potential. So remember bookmarking as part of your marketing strategy – it could be the key to success!

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