What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of getting attention from search engines and social media users via content posted on a site (typically a blog platform).

Below are some great, recent articles on the topic of content marketing…

Two Key Content Marketing and Social Media Ingredients | Personal

“You are marketing to humans.” Of course, we all know this…but the content we delineate into our marketplace often proves otherwise. Spiro points out the following: “Social media is not a broadcast medium,

How Content Marketing Can Accelerate the Sales Cycle | Vertical

In this Vertical Measures blog post, Pel Abbott discusses how content marketing can accelerate the sales cycle and help build a loyal customer base.

The Art of Keeping Your Audience Coming Back for More | Copyblogger

And we see clearly now that it was tailor-made for content marketing on the web. There’s a lot that goes into a great marketing story, but what we’re talking about here is the ancient literary workhorse called …

Content Marketing Strategies That Will Change Everything 

Nate Riggs: Content Marketing Strategies That Will Change Everything – Learn 7 ways to use content marketing and social media to reach your customers plus 1.

Note: There are some really great tips in the above post for beginner to advanced content marketers to follow or revisit.

Here are some of the best articles on how curation fits perfectly within the content marketing model…

10 Tips For Effective Content Curation

Content curation – finding the most relevant, useful, and informative pieces of content on the Web and sharing them with your readers – is one of the major themes in content marketing these days.

Curation is the New Black | The Customer Collective

But curation is not just a manifestation of social media. It’s part of the fabric of our digitally lived lives. Curating content for your audiences, for your influencers or just for your friends allows you to tap into

10 Great Ideas for Valuable Curated Content | The Customer Collective

In addition, make sure the content you’re curating is relevant to your audience. That aggregated list of funny viral videos may very well be funny, but if you’re not in the business of humor or marketing, it doesn’t

Curation Expert Videos

Author Steve Rosenbaum at SXSW 2011: Curation Nation

Curation Nation author talks about his book and how brands can curate relevant content for their customers. Backstage at SXSW 2011.

OpenView One-on-One: Author Ann Handley discusses Content Curation

What is content curation? Co-Author of Content Rules, Ann Handley, discusses how content curation can be a valuable tool for your corporate blog.

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