Why CurationSoft

Why Curation Soft is used by more than 26,400 users?

Content curation allows you to handpick high-quality content from around the web to be placed on your publication! Content curation is the backbone for successful news sites such as Yahoo, Huffington Post, FoxNews and Tech Meme.

Curation Soft allows you to –

  • Quickly locate high quality content that your visitors are dying to see.
  • Easily populate your site with fresh new content that will drive visitors back to your site, time and time again
  • Dominate Search Engine Rankings as Google recognizes you as an authority, and propels you to the top spot for maximum exposure
  • Enjoy instant credibility as you easily fill your site with reputable content that will maintain your authority within your niche.

How Curation Soft provides value?


Let us compute your benefits and savings over a six-month:


  • Time Saved
    Time saved on content writing: $720 (@ $120/month, assuming 4 posts a month)
  • Social media promotions
    Assuming a 25% conversion rate. i.e. One out of four authors whose post you reference tweets your post or shares it on Facebook. If you cite 5 sources per post and 4 posts a month, then you have 30 promotions in a six-month period from established experts in your subject. At a rate of $20 per promotion, this is $600 that you save just by writing your post.
  • Backlinks for off-page SEO
    Assuming a 10% acceptance, i.e. one post out of 10 that you cite in two of your post, accepts your trackback and gives you a backlink. These are very potent for off-page SEO. So you get 2 backlinks a month for 4 posts, i.e. 12 in six months.
    At a very low rate of $25 (these are experts, mind you), you save $300 in six months.
  • 5 cornerstone pages and 50 visitors per day
    If your on-page SEO is optimized, your posts can rank #1 on Google for long-tail keywords. If 5 cornerstone pages rank #1 in Google, you can draw higher traffic organically. Assume 50 per day, you have 45000 visitors in six months. Even at $0.01 conversion, you make $450.

You can easily see that by a very conservative estimate, CurationSoft saves you more than $1600 over a six-month period. And we are not even counting the benefits accrued by these dollars and time spent elsewhere.

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