Update: CurationSoft Version 1.0.5

Brandon has been hard at work on a new update.  This update deals mostly with the free version, though customers with paid licenses will like bullet #3 below.

The free version is ad-supported and can be used for an unlimited time.  Though it lacks most of the content sources of the full version, it will give users a chance to see what the software does and experience fast search, drag, and drop curation.

Release Notes for v 1.0.5

  • Free version rollout – We disabled the trial version because we found it more effective to just have a limited free version instead of time-restrained trial. Our apologies to any users this effects.
  • Free version includes ads from our partner BuySellAds.com and is limited to one content source.
  • Auto login to CurationSoft.com now available from the software. Clicking Upgrade/Renew in the help menu will take you to your account instead of manually having to login.
Thanks for all the feedback so far.  Keep it coming!
Note:  If you could see what I just saw in our partners meeting about upcoming development you’d freak out.  I can’t wait to watch the reactions when we unleash the things we’re working on now!
About Author: Peter Lenkefi