The future of content marketing

Where is content marketing headed?

Many experts and on-the-ground content marketers weigh in on this topic.

This is my big takeaway from studying what everyone is saying about the future of content marketing:  your content needs to travel.  Socially, and on different platforms.  Telling a story on your blog might look totally different as a SlideShare presentation.  Or as a White Paper.

That content you’re creating can do a lot more than just one thing with the myriad places and formats that exist on the web to make it portable and meet people where they hang out, the way they like to consume it.

Here are the highlights from a recent search with CurationSoft…

The Sun Comes Up

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The Future of Content Marketing is Bright

The Future of Digital Content and Content Marketing


There are four key things to take away from all the noise about new media and its sudden focus on the business-side need to create a ton of content. Be consistent, be smart, make a plan, and of course, hire a writer!

the gr | | | | ng » The future of content is rich (as opposed to text like


The topic was ‘content is king but distribution is key’. This conversation was part of a half-day event hosted by our friends at Just Media which featured great speakers such as Josh Kahn (VP, Private Cloud Marketing, EMC),

Content Marketing Expert Joe Pulizzi interviewed by Hubspot


We take a look into the future of content marketing and where it is headed. Joe’s definition of content marketing: “Like it or not, you’re a publisher today” Joe says. Brands have to tell valuable, relevant, and compelling stories to attract and retain

And here’s a webinar with Joe on the same topic…

42 Content Marketing Experts Lead Junta42?s Final Top Blogs List


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Content Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing

Jay Baer of Convince & Convert discusses the future of content marketing.


NAM - Organic Plutonium

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Guarded Optimism

5 Content Marketing Hurdles: Where Are You? « Powerfull


Mark Roberge, VP of Sales at HubSpot (one of the standout companies due to its fantastic content marketing), came in for a party last week and we asked him to do a short video on the future of content marketing (shown below).

The End Is Nigh – Prepare Thyself!  (Not really)

The Future of Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare 


Tsar Bomba mushroom cloud

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My daughter showed me a video about skin cancer on YouTube called “Dear 16-year-old me”. It’s a great example of content that humanizes a difficult.

Prepare for Your Content to Be Everywhere


The future of content marketing exists in one crazy, ever-evolving technological solar system, and we’re just living in it. So how will you reach your audience? Jon Thomas is Communications Director for Story Worldwide and 

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