Types of Curation Part 2: Curated Hubs 

This is Part 2 in a series.  (Read Types of Curation Part 1) [box type="info" size="large" style="rounded"]There are several different types of curation. In fact, there are almost as many types of curation as there are definitions of what exactly curation is. But there are only two, count them, TWO types of curation that can […]

Types of Curation 

Part 1 of a two part series… There are several different types of curation.  In fact, there are almost as many types of curation as there are definitions of what exactly curation is. But there are only two, count them, TWO types of curation that can be monetized well and used for brand-building. [box type="info" size="large" […]

The Effect of Curation On Reader Engagement and Loyalty 

What about context? Since everyone is pretty much focused on the technology behind curation these days (shiny new thing syndrome), I thought it would be nice to pull back and look at why curation works. Specifically, why proper curation causes readership to rise and engagement to increase, as well as notable increases in social “buzz.” […]

Saving Time and Keeping Quality: the Content Marketer’s Holy Grail. 

As a blogging coach, I’m hyper-focused on helping clients put out great, regular content in the easiest ways possible.  Time is either your enemy or your friend in content marketing, whether you run a news site, a personal blog, or a business/corporate blog. A publisher’s ability to put up content that excites readers is will […]

Chaos produces opportunity 

A good curator delivers the most important, most interesting, or most informative content from a sea of noise. In any lively topic range, curators deliver clarity while saving readers time. Rather than having to navigate the noisy sea of date themselves, they are able to rely on the curator to make sense of any topic. […]

Cleaning Up Your Readers’ Lives With Curation 

There’s nothing more satisfying in the office than sitting down to clean off your desk.  Well, the sitting down to do it part isn’t always fun, but the end result is! Everyone has a different system of organization, but the sort-and-pile method runs through any good system. Picture your desk in disaster mode: bills, statements, […]

How To Curate From Sites You Find While Surfing 

Another great question came in recently about curating from sites you find when you’re using Google Reader or just surfing links people pass around on social sites. “How do you load that content into CurationSoft so you can drag and drop it?” Here’s the answer: 1. Grab the title of the article – the whole […]

Social Curation: Original Curation vs Me-Too Sharing 

The reason some people really go big in social media and get huge followings boils down to one thing: they originate discussions much, much more than everyone else. What this means is, people like Scoble and Kawasaki curate some pretty serious content.  Casual observers just think they’re “noisy.”  But more often than not, they are […]