Marty Smith Is On A Mission

Martin Smith has made the most impassioned case for curation I’ve seen to date.  While most experts talk about the topic of curation in an almost clinical sense, this guy is… well, freakin’ excited about it!

“I’ve seen tornadoes roar up on dusty Texas plains. I’ve run from a black storm’s vengeance, furry and terror. No Texas tornado has anything over the content storm heading at each and every one of us.”

“Curation, the process of separating content wheat from chafe, will be the next web revolution.”


“If Web 1.0 was about online access and Web 2.0 is about social nets Web 3.0 will be coring down to content that really matters.”

These quotes are from Marty’s blog “Scent Trail.”  I like this guy!  :)  Thanks to Robin Good for putting Marty on my radar.


About Author: Peter Lenkefi