Frequently Asked Questions – ANSWERED

Q.  It seems that the Facebook source was removed in your latest update of CS 3.  Is it a temporary issue or a permanent loss to be deplored?

A. Facebook has not been removed of course. First you need to login to Facebook in order to access the FB sources in the content source drop down menu. Please go to Settings — Options — Facebook and login to your FB account. Only after this will you be able to search or post to Facebook.

Q. Can I curate content from any website?

A. The pro version of CS 3.0 has 17 content sources including unlimited RSS feeds, so this means you can tap into millions of websites.

Q. Will the site be mobile optimized for viewing on mobile devices? Is it depending on my WordPress theme?

A. CS only provides the content, mobile optimization is controlled by your website platform and theme.

Q. RSS feed, is this like auto posting/curating?

A. You can add and discover unlimited number of RSS feeds and then auto-schedule your curated content to WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and Tumblr.

Q. Is unlimited curation possible with the software? If I have 5 different blog posts with 5 different topics. How does it work? Does this software curate unlimited posts?

A. You can post content to as many sites and site pages you want, but the posts will have to be built manually.

Q. Can I have the content autocurated on these 5 different sites?

A. You need to build the curated posts manually, then you can schedule the posting to WP, Blogger, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Q. Can I easily curate content for client sites as part of a news page/post. e.g. on the clients website I like to create a dedicated page/post for curation called ‘News’ Page/Post. Can this be done?

A. Yes, you can use the software to curate content on your client sites.

Q. Can I add social sharing to the curated post? e.g. each post users can share on their Facebook wall.

A. You need to set this up on your blog platform level, once the curated content has been posted to your site.

Q.  Regarding copyrights,  I’m not supposed to change the text?

A. When building a curated post we normally use text snippets or excerpts, we do content citations, which means we leave the original content intact to comply with copyright laws.

Q.  Are all the pictures and VIDEOS approved for free use? 
A. We cannot specifically state that. For instance In general you can all you tube videos, but when it comes to images I would ask the permission of the author, or I would use my own images.

Q. Do I need to specify the source where the image was taken from? 
A. You always need to comply with the copyrights of the source image.

Q. Can I translate the text to my language and put it my website and leave the link to the source in English? 

A. No, you cannot do that, unless you have written permission from the author. 

Q. Can I translate the entire article without a link to the source in English

A. I would not recommend doing that. That would be classified as copyright infringement. You need to leave the original content intact.

Q. What is the difference between the Free and the Premium or Pro versions?

A. When purchasing the Pro (annual) or the Premium (lifetime) versions you get access to 10 content resources, the post builder, WP auto-publishing, the CS internal browser and more.

When you download the free version you only get access to 1 content source: Google Blog Search.

Q. Drag and Drop does not work on my computer, what should I do?

A.  Watch the following training videos to make sure that you have the right drag and drop settings:

this page will also help with your DAD settings:

We are recommending to use Google Chrome as your preferred browser when working with CS.

Q. I cannot install CS via the Google Chrome browser, what can I do?

A. Unfortunately there is a known (pretty recent) conflict between Adobe Air and Google Chrome which has not been fixed yet by Google. Please copy and paste this download link: to FireFox, Safari or IE to download the latest version of CS. If needed, download the Adobe Air installer from here first:

Or if you want you can actually fix this Chrome bug, here is how:

Q. Can I auto-publish content to Blogger, Joomla, Drupal etc.

A. You can only auto-post to a WP blog at this stage. You need to enter the URL, username and pass exactly the same way as it is setup in your WP settings. Please enter the ROOT URL and not your WP admin URL.

Please note: you can still drag and drop content to most blog platforms and content management systems.

Q. I used the native installer file before, will I get an automated update?

A. Users who installed CS via the native installers will not be able to use the auto-update feature. Native installers cannot update applications automatically. Here is a more detailed explanation of this issue:

When CS is packaged as a native installer, the application loses some of the benefits of the AIR file format. A single file can no longer be distributed to all desktop computers. The built-in update function (as well as the updater framework) does not work.

Therefore users who installed the native version of the software installed on need to follow these steps to fix this issue:

1. Remove CS entirely from your computer, and then download Adobe Air from here and install:

2. Download CS and install again:

3. Login with the same user and pass

Q. I am having trouble auto-publishing to my WordPress blog. 

A. There are various reasons why WP auto-publishing sometimes fails to work, please check each option for trouble-shooting.

1. First you need to make sure that your WP root URL, username and password is added to CS the correct way. Please do not add your WP admin URL. You need to add your WP root URL  - or exactly as it was setup in your WP site settings.

2. You also need to make sure that that XML-RPC is enabled in your WP settings. You need to enable XML-RPC on your WP blog, otherwise CS will not be able to auto-publish to your site.

Here is how you can trouble-shoot this problem:

A. - check here if XML-RPC is enabled on your site

B. - follow these steps to enable XML-RPC

C. - learn more about the WP XML-RPC function

3. You also need to make sure that your antivirus software is not blocking CS to post to your WP blog. If it is you need to create a rule to eliminate this problem.

4. You also need to make sure that none of your installed WP plugins are in conflict with XML-RPC enabled remote posting.

Google this to find out: plugin name + xml-rpc conflict

Known Conflicts With 3rd Party Plugins

The following plugins are known to create issues with setting up (and potential using) xml-rpc publishing. You will need to disable them to get setup. You may also need to disable them before publishing articles.

5. You also need to make sure that you do not have any code added to your htaccess file which can block CS. Just download the file from your server and open it up in your text editor and check . If in doubt send a copy to us.

Q. I am getting an HTTP:// error when logging in to CS.

A. This is a sign that CS is unable to connect to the content source via the Internet. This could be due to 3 issues:

1. Your computer is not connected to the internet.
2. There is a temporary problem reaching the content source: the source is down.
3. Your firewall or antivirus program is blocking CS to connect to the Internet.

Q. I am getting Error #16820 when trying to install a CS update on my computer.

A. 1. If you’re getting this error with CS, it likely means that the update CS is trying to install is incompatible with the AIR version you have installed. I’d suggest uninstalling Adobe AIR, then re-installing from here:

Once you’ve re-installed AIR, try launching CS again to update.

2. It is also highly likely, that you have a native version of the software installed on your computer and not the Adobe Air version.

The native versions cannot auto-update. Here is what you need to do to fix this:

A. Remove CS entirely from that computer, and then download adobe air from here and install:

B. Download CS from here and install:

C. Then login with the same user and pass.

Q. If I grab a content snippet with CS and paste it in my blog, can it be called duplicate content and am I going to have copyright issues?

A. Since you are citing content from another source and not copying the entire article and claiming that it is yours it can’t be duplicate content, especially if your are adding your own commentaries around that third party content snippet.

Leave the links intact and credit the author. Google will notice that you are referencing, citing and not copying content.

Q. I am getting a HTTP://error when using Google Blog Search, what went wrong?

A. Unfortunately this is a known issue with GBS and there is not much we can do about it. Each time after 40-60 search requests Google blocks CS for about 5 minutes, then we can search again. It is not a bug, it is rather an inconvenience.

Sometimes when you search using Google, you get a strange error message titled “We’re sorry” that temporarily restricts your access to Google. In some cases, Google shows a CAPTCHA that should confirm you are human, but that doesn’t happen all the time.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this issue.

Q. Can I install CurationSoft on multiple computers?

A. Yes, you may install a single user license on 3 different computers. For you extra user(s), please have them use the same username and password you do when logging into the CurationSoft software. We intentionally designed it this way, so it would be convenient for you and your users.

You are welcome to give them your username and password to the site so they download a copy of the software. For the record, this may change in the future where users are required to have their own account. You will be notified of any changes long before they take effect.