07/24/15 [3.91]
Bug Fix
07/10/15 [3.35]
Bug Fix
05/10/14 [3.34]
Bug Fix:Fixed problem with saving Faroo template.
05/09/14 [3.19]
Added new embed type (iFrame for new browsers).Please reset your Youtube template to default to use this embed type.
05/07/14 [3.18]
Added new Facebook application ( to avoid error 191 ).
04/28/14 [3.17]
Ability to accept any characters as username for WordPress platform ( added base64 encoding ).
*Bug fix: Changed FB page posting logic to avoid showing new page post in “Recent posts by others” storyline.

04/25/14 [3.16]
Added additional logs for Post Builder.

04/15/14 [3.15]
Bug Fix:Fixed problem with accessing WordPress with password included unacceptable symblols ( *,./> ).
04/02/14 [3.14]
Bug Fix:Fixed problem with license checker ( it closes application sometimes when no internet connection).
03/13/14 [3.13]
Bug Fix:Removed WordPress account check on click “Post” button in Post Editor.
02/24/14 [3.12]
Added ability to use locale/language in related keywords search.
02/19/14 [3.11]
*Bug fix:Fixed problem with Instagram login ( sometimes it wasn’t working )
*Bug fix:Fixed problem Templates ( It cleared all content in some combinations of template )
*Improved templates engine. Now it can work with text between templates.

01/21/14 [3.10]

* Bug Fix: Fixed problem with playing videos in browser after close on Mavericks OS.
* Set minimal application window size.
* Changed texting for Facebook publish window ( with paging to groups info ).
01/17/14 [3.9]
* Added Facebook Pages support ( merged with test branch ).
12/30/13 [3.8]
* Bug fix: Russian language support in results.
* Added templates support for RSS feeds.
12/23/13 [3.7]
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with youtube video size settings ( !!!PLEASE GO TO YOUTUBE AND RELOAD DEFAULT TEMPLATE!!! ).
12/16/13 [3.6]
* Bug fix: Fixed bug with page navigator ( removed go to end result ). In some cases search sources return wrong number of results.
12/15/13 [3.5]
* Bug fix: Fixed bug with youtube templates.
12/12/13 [3.4]
* Removed old upgrade offers for free and lite users.

11/14/13 [3.3]

*Bug fix:Application stopped working for some search sources.

11/14/13 [3.2]

*Added “forgot password” link to login screen.

11/13/13 [3.1]

*Daily builds logic for test users. Please create a ticket in our suport system if you want to receive daily builds of CurationSoft ( unstable ) and help us to improve the application

11/12/13 [3.0.14]

*Added new Bing key.

11/08/13 [3.0.13]

*Added some additional logs for wordpress.

*Added some additional logs Flickr.

*Bug fix: Fixed problem with Random search ( Http error ) when number of results per page > 40.

11/07/13 [3.0.12]

*Added ability to add “Read more…” link to each result.

*All platforms moved under tab “Platforms”.

11/05/13 [3.0.11]

*Bug fix: Fixed problem with CAPITAL letters in WordPress blog url.

10/31/13 [3.0.10]

*Added ability to use ISO-639-1 languages ( works not for all sources )

10/25/13 [3.0.9]

*Added ability to select Amazon media size ( small, medium, large)

10/25/13 [3.0.8]

*Templates turned on for all CS3 licenses ( except lite and free ) by default.
*Added some additional logs for tumblr poster.

10/24/13 [3.0.7]

*Added Arabic language to Google sources and Facebook.

10/24/13 [3.0.6]

*Bug fix: Fixed problem of saved RSS feeds loss after updating

10/23/13 [3.0.4]

*Bug fix: Annual licenses now work with template builder function.

10/23/13 [3.0.3]
*Bug fix: Fixed issues with Adobe Network Monitor

10/22/13 [3.0.2]

*Changed Affiliate Tag to Affiliate ID in options menu
*Added Hebrew language

10/21/13 [3.0.1]

* Added Amazon Italy to Amazon search
* License changes for VIP members

10/19/13 [3.0.0]

*The NEW 3.0 VERSION has been released

*Added new search sources.
*Added templates ( result and Post Builder)
*Added results browser ( you can expand/collapse each result )
*Added default parameters for D&D media ( media width, media height )
*New layout for Search Source Options
*Added Facebook and Tumblr for posting from CurationSoft
*New logic for auto save

9/10/13 [2.1.6]

*Added additional parameters for login service.

8/23/13 [2.1.5]

*Added additional information to report output for license check.

8/21/13 [2.1.4]

*Added report output for license check.

7/25/13 [2.1.3]

*Bug Fix: Youtube video still plays after close internal browser.

7/17/13 [2.1.2]

*Bug Fix: D&D didn’t work for Google News on results without image.

7/11/13 [2.1.1]

*Added ability to set number of characters in result.

6/28/13 [2.1.0]

*Added ability to refresh OAuth2 tokens for blogger.
*Fixes and improvements for Blogger auth functionality.

6/11/13 [2.0.49]

*Added support for Twitter API v1.1 ( 1.0 API stopped working ).

6/11/13 [2.0.48]

*Improved results title formatting.
*Added ability to add favorite searches.
*Ability for Blogger to get url by id with authorization.
*Bug Fix:Proper number of results for Random source.

5/23/13 [2.0.47]

*Ability for Blogger to get url by id with authorization.
*Bug Fix:Proper number of results for Random source.

5/23/13 [2.0.46]

*Bug Fix:Fixed bug in search query with multiple rows.
*Bug Fix:Fixed bug with hang for Random search with multiple search tags.

5/17/13 [2.0.45]

*Bug Fix:Blekko source now gives correct number of results.
*Bug Fix:Removed broken image icon from Google News results when no image.
*Don’t disable the whole window while publishing. Now only publish button disables.

5/07/13 [2.0.44]

*Bug Fix:Publish post freezes if any validation error ( no tags or no title).
*Tags aren’t necessary now while publishing.

4/30/13 [2.0.43]

*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with English language in Google Blogs searches.

4/25/13 [2.0.42]

*Added creation date for Google News and SlideShare results.

4/23/13 [2.0.41]

*Bug Fix: Fixed language problem with YouTube.

4/23/13 [2.0.40]

*Added additional license types for Flickr search.

4/22/13 [2.0.39]

*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with twitter search ( 0 results ).

4/14/13 [2.0.38]

*Bug Fix:Fixed bug with Google News Search limitation to 10 results only.

4/13/13 [2.0.37]

*Added Norwegian language to search for Google,Twitter,Youtube.
*Added ability to turn on/off comments for WordPress.

4/11/13 [2.0.36]

*Added “Delete all accounts” button to blogger options.
*Added Random search aggregator.

4/05/13 [2.0.35]

*Blogger auto-publishing feature integrated.

3/19/13 [2.0.34]

*Title result is dragable now.
*Publish the Post renamed to Post.
*Post builder buttons rearranged.

3/15/13 [2.0.33]

*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with with related keywords when ‘#’ is placed at the beginning of search request.
*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with opening PostBuilder on small screens.
*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with replacing single quotes.
*Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with opening RSS reader.
*Refactored result renderers for RSS reader.
*Added D&D option “URL as TEXT” for users who have problems with drag and drop as URL in some browsers.

3/13/13 [2.0.32]

*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with opening link ( sometimes result didn’t show in browser when user clicks on title )
*Added view count, num likes, num dislikes additional params in youtube.
*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with & (ampersand within post).
*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with &nbsp tag sometimes appeared in WP posts after positng.
*Post Editor updated to the latest version with full number of buttons.
*Changed icon for Clean button in Post Editor.
*Added Post button directly to Post Builder Interface.

3/11/13 [2.0.31]

*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with URL in inbuild browser while switching between tabs.
*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with autoselect previous keyword while entering.

3/08/13 [2.0.30]

*Removed Drag & Drop related keywords from Frequent menu.
*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with WP categories contain & (ampersand)
*Bug Fix: Fixed WP auto-publishing validation error.
*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with incorrect time for scheduled posts.

3/07/13 [2.0.29]

*Added new embedding types into Options->Youtube->Embedding Types.

3/06/13 [2.0.28]

*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with WordPress blogs with server redirects.

3/05/13 [2.0.27]

*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with opening application from sys-tray by mouse click.
*Application now doesn’t disappear once minimized.

3/05/13 [2.0.26]

*Bug Fix:Fixed WP related problems with Publish Post Window.

3/04/13 [2.0.25]

*Bug Fix:Fixed problem with 10 results only for Google News search.

3/01/13 [2.0.24]

*Increased WP control time ( check for timeout connection ) to 10 sec.
*Added ability to copy only media content from result (Flickr/Youtube). Frequent->Copy Media Content Only.
*Update notification window is placed now on top of application and after login.

2/28/13 [2.0.23]

*Auto Save/Restore Post Builder content on close/restart of CurationSoft.

2/27/13 [2.0.22]

*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with Connection Timeout for WordPress blogs
*Bug Fix: Fixed problem with opening short urls from found result. (file:// problem)

2/19/13 [2.0.21]

* Added premium user ( full license ).

2/18/13 [2.0.20]

* Bug fix: Fixed problem with logic window close button.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with docking.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with minimize/maximize on windows platform.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with D&D on windows platform when “Add source” is set.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with clear auto complete history.
* Changed lite version upgrade address to new upsell link.

2/07/13 [2.0.19]

* Refactored login logic.
* Added light license ( Google Blogs, Slideshare, Wikipedia only ).

2/07/13 [2.0.19]

* Refactored login logic.
* Added light license ( Google Blogs, Slideshare, Wikipedia only ).

2/04/13 [2.0.18]

* Bug fix: Fixed problems with Drag and Drop from Inbuilt browser. Now it works due to settings in Frequent menu.
* Refactored Frequent Menu options.

2/04/13 [2.0.17]

* Bug fixed: Fixed issue with paging. Now application correctly handles “” and “>>” buttons.
* Bug fixed: Fixed google blogs incorrect paging logic.

2/03/13 [2.0.16]

* Added context menu for each result – Copy URL. You can copy url to clipboard and use it when you want ( Google + , etc…).
* Refactored results Drag&Drop frequent menu. Now you can drag & drop result as html,text,url and source as text.

2/01/13 [2.0.15]

* Added clean button into Post Editor.
* Added ability to go home screen bu clicking CurationSoft logo.

1/30/13 [2.0.14]

* Added latest updates notification. It will appear on each update and shows to users what’s new in application.
* Refactored options menu. Now common search options moved under “Search” tab.
* Refactored all the search sources. Now they work with new options and provide search time for each source.
* Title for twitter result is now clickable.
* Search sources now are alphabetically sorted.

1/11/22 [2.0.12]

* Added SlideShare as a new content source (with multi language option).
* Added source reference link option when copying content from inbuilt browser.

1/11/22 [2.0.11]

* Added ability to drag & drop images to OS ( desktop/explorer/finder).
* Removed default site navicon.
* Removed cross move cursor when you hover on search results.
* All results are movable now (you can drag and drop when clicking on any part even on caption or link)
* Re-factored all result renderers.

1/11/18 [2.0.10]

* Training videos moved under WP.

1/11/18 [2.0.9]

* Added tips system and 50 tips.
* Added training video section.

1/11/16 [2.0.8]

* Changed cursors from gif to png format ( with transparency ).
* RSS Feeds button in one style with other on top buttons.

1/11/16 [2.0.7]

* Bug Fix: Docking problem with Post editor fixed.
* Bug fix: Added popup windows manager to avoid problems with blurred screen.
* Added inbuilt browser. You can open links in it and also just to browse.

1/11/14 [2.0.6]

* Moved to paid version of Bing Search API

1/11/14 [2.0.5]

* Added ability to show images in Wikipedia search.

1/10/14 [2.0.4]

* Bug Fix: Fixed Twitter, Youtube, Flickr sources ( incorrect work after adding wikipedia ).
* Bug Fix: Fixed Drag & Drop functionality for Flickr.

1/10/13 [2.0.3]

* Added ability to manual check for updates ( Help -> Check for update).

1/10/13 [2.0.2]

* Bug Fix: Fixed auto update script.
* Bug Fix: Fixed problems related to tray functionality.

1/09/13 [2.0.1]

* Bug fix: Post Editor available only in PRO version.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with opening RSS feeds on double click.
* Bug fix: Fixed problem with opening RSS feeds on double click.
* Added Wikipedia source.
* Added ability to drag&drop result as html source (Frequent menu)

1/06/13 [2.0.0]

* Bug Fix: Incorrect support address link changed to correct one.
* Bug Fix: Related keyword functionality restored.
* Added ability to create and manage multiple Word Press accounts.
* Added inbuilt Post Editor. You can create your posts directly in CurationSoft now!
* Added ability to insert local images into the post. Just select Image -> Upload in Post Editor.
* Added ability to post directly into your Word Press blog ( multiple states supported ).

1/25/12 [1.1.5]

* Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Hashtags in Google Blog Search caused an error. Hat tip to John H.
* Bug Fix: Images in Google News stopped working. We fixed it
* Changed: Instead of empty ads for CurationSoft we are serving an upgrade banner now.

12/21/11 [1.1.4]

* New Feature: Support for old-school Atom Feeds. This addition allows you to use your Google Alerts in the RSS feed section of CurationSoft
* Drag & Drop Confusion: We’ve noticed that more and more support tickets are coming in with drag and drop issues. It’s not that the feature is broken but it needs to work better. As a response, we made sure the only draggable area is where the drag icon is available. Before you could drag the entire item but it wouldn’t drop. It was confusing. We believe this small change will cut down on confusion and hopefully provide you a better experience.

12/16/11 [1.1.3]

* New Feature: Now you can import your OPML file from Google Reader. Just export from Google Reader and then you can import the same file into CurationSoft.

12/8/11 [1.1.2]

* YouTube style update. The YouTube now reflect the dragging capability of the rest of the software. It was causing some confusion as it should have.
* With the expanded search box introduced in 1.1.0 the dock window size was incorrect. We wanted to keep it streamlined so we just removed the logo when you dock the application. It’s helpful and the window is now 200 pixels smaller when you dock.
* Bug Fix: Simple thing here. Sometimes dragging while CurationSoft wasn’t in focus caused an issue where the code wouldn’t be copied. That’s fixed now we think.

12/8/11 [1.1.1]

* Bug Fix: Twitter paging menu not being removed

* Bug Fix: If you had autocomplete history and used the editor to take it down to zero then the program would crash. We didn’t account for that when we rolled out the Autocomplete Editor. Unfortunately, if you’ve used the Autocomplete History editor, then you will probably need to delete your history under Settings | Options. If you’re seeing no results, when you do a search this is the issue. Hat tip to Gail for finding the bug.

11/29/11 [1.1.0]

* New Feature: View & Edit your autocomplete history. After a bunch of searches your autocomplete box can get out of control. We wanted to give you a way to control this and delete entries if necessary. You’ll find a new menu item under the Settings menu named: Autocomplete.

* Due to some complaints about the width of the search box, we’ve expanded it about 50 pixels which should provide more viewable characters. Now those long, pesky searches will be viewable.

11/15/11 [1.0.9]

* Two new sources! We found that many people were unhappy with Google Blogs & Google News so we added Blekko Blog & Blekko news search. If you’re not familiar with Blekko it’s an incredibly powerful search engine. Their results are extremely high-quality and we’re excited to have them as a content partner. When you start using Blekko for curation you’ll soon realize that it’s an excellent search engine.

* Fixed a bug where the page navigation bar was still appearing when getting RSS feed results. That shouldn’t happen because RSS Feeds only return 10 results usually.

* Couple of small UI tweaks. Made the fact you have to double-click the RSS feed for results to return much more noticeable.

11/2/11 [1.0.8]

* Found a bug in YouTube results. Hat tip to Arnold :)

10/21/11 [1.0.7]

* The big news is added support for RSS Feeds. You can add your own feeds and pull data from them as needed. This feature is in BETA and will be improved greatly in upcoming versions. It’s a bit rough around the edges and we’ll continue improving as we go forward in future versions.

* Improved UI for every content source. It’s now much more intuitive and easier on the eyes. We took a hard look at the layout for each source and changed all of them except YouTube. YouTube will probably get refreshed in the next update.

* Favicons for each post. We’re using a cool service to bring Favicons into every result which really jazzes up the visuals when you drop your posts. It also helps a lot with presenting information to you (in the software) and your readers (on your site).

* Google News completely revamped. To be honest, the first release of Google News wasn’t up to par with our standards and that’s been corrected. It’s a very similar setup to Google Blogs now and we think you’ll be happy with the end result.

* Twitter results completely revamped. We changed the layout, add most popular tweets (with Retweet numbers) at the top, added links for hashtags and mentions and it feels a lot more like a real Twitter search client.

* Flickr results completely revamped. It’s now a fancy tile layout and the images load once and there is no more flickering when you scroll. It’s a major upgrade to the Flickr results but there’s a lot more to do that we’ll work on in upcoming releases. Still a bit rough around the edges.

* Image caching. We’ve implemented image caching across a large portion of the app. This prevents images from constantly reloading when you change the window, scroll, etc.. It’s a major performance improvement. Expect more performance improvements in upcoming releases.

* We threw out all the previous code and implementations of Drag & Drop and completely redid it. They have been rethought from the ground up and you’ll find your experience is much cleaner, easier and less frustrating. No more erroneous HTML, link colors, etc.. To quote the late Steve Jobs, “It just works”.

* Lots of code base cleanup. You won’t see it, but we promise you’ll benefit from it through performance improvements :) – We will be doing a bunch more of this in upcoming versions that you’ll benefit from but may not “see”.

* We changed the autocomplete system. Not by a lot but it was setup in a way that adding an extra query wasn’t possible. You’ll find the autocomplete works better and is less frustrating. Any feedback on the autocomplete is much appreciated from users.

* Image Align – We added another option to the “Frequent” menu. When dragging images you can now specify if you want the image left aligned or right aligned or neither. This comes in handy when designing your posts and this way you don’t just have an image sitting in the middle of your post.

* Bug Fix: Found an issue where the scrollbar may disappear or extend beyond from the field of view when requesting new results.

* Bug Fix / Change: Found an issue where only one page of Twitter results could be returned. Requesting a second page threw an error. Upon thinking about it more it only makes sense to return one page. You can still set the number of results you want but the goal of our software is curation (i.e. finding the best results) and not digging through pages of largely irrelevant Twitter results. Having the top tweets returned made this a no-brainer for us.

9/21/11 [1.0.6]

* Fixed an issue where some paying members were seeing ads in the software. So sorry for this error.

9/20/11 [1.0.5]

* Free version rollout – We disabled the trial version because we found it more effective to just have a limited free version instead of time-restrained trial. Our apologies to any users this effects.

* Free version includes ads from our partner and is limited to one content source.

* Auto login to now available from the software. Clicking Upgrade/Renew in the help menu will take you to your account instead of manually having to login.

9/6/11 [1.0.4]

* Found a major error with respect to autocomplete and new users. Broke the entire app. Our apologies for the problems and frustration this caused for new users. Thankfully, we caught it and acted quickly.

9/5/11 [1.0.3]

* Added Google News As Source
- Exciting! Now drag and drop news that is happening right now.

* Related Keywords (a.k.a Recommend Post Tags)
- We’re very excited about this feature! Now, when you do a search you’ll be sent a list of “Related Keywords” for your post. These are based on actual related searches performed in the search engines so there’s traffic for these terms. No more trying to decide on good keywords for your tags when you post. CurationSoft does it for you!

* The Progress Monitor
- We added a social element to CurationSoft so you can share your progress with the world. Now, you’ll see how many posts you’ve made with CurationSoft and have the opportunity to share on Facebook and Twitter. Help us out and tell your friends how much you love CurationSoft

* The Frequent Menu
- The requests we get most often: Can I keep the window on top? How do I make links open in a new window? With that in mind, we added those options to a new menu, plus drag option for related keywords. We put them in a ‘frequent menu’ because it’s the kind of thing you’ll change on the fly and often. We think it’s a good approach and will save you time and that’s what CurationSoft is all about. NOTE: These are session based variables which means they always default to false and must be set each time the application is run.

* Keyboard Shortcuts
- Now you can scroll through results with up and down arrow keys. Try it out: do a search and then immediately use the down arrow to scroll through results. We think you’ll like this improvement!

* Removed System Tray Functionality
- We found this small feature was confusing users and really served no purpose at this point so we removed it.

* Updated Help Menu Items
- Added a shortcut for license and better descriptions

* Autocomplete Bug Fixes
- Improved the user experience for the autocomplete box. We have a brand new engine for autocompletion and it’s much faster and efficient. The good news is that all of your old data is saved so it’s a seamless upgrade.

* Old Fashioned Copy And Paste
- This is one of those, “it should just probably be there” features. When you right click on an item in the search results you will see a ‘Copy HTML’ menu item and that puts the same data on your clipboard that you usually drag and drop into an editor. Hey, it’s the small things that count right?

* Improved Docking UX
- Fixed a pesky issue where the docking button disappeared when you docked the screen. Should have caught this a long time ago. Sorry about that.

* Menu Styling
- We had a couple of styling issues that needed fixing. Nothing too important here.

8/17/11 [1.0.2]
* Bug fixes
* Trial support

8/7/11 [1.0.1]
* Changed registration check

7/28/11 [1.0.0]
* Application launch