Seann V. 

This software Rocks! It’s on the top of my list as Best of Year.

Peter F. 

Brilliant tool!! Peter F.

Michael G. 

Just bought CS using my Visa card. Didn’t see that option  at first. Thanks for the blog post about how you can copy  and paste a blog post into CS and then let it find it and  then drag it over to my blog. Worked a lot better than me  just typing in a few […]

Norm G. 

When CurationSoft first came out I experimented with it  a bit. I found that it would work…if forced. Lots of  potential but kind of balky. Well, using it I placed a  page on my PR3 site to see what would happen about three  months ago. Guess what? My internal test news page is  sitting at […]

Mark U. 

It makes it much faster and thereby easier to  curate important content for my followers. Convenience  is key. I use the post builder daily. I use CurationSoft  more for keeping my blog fresh and relevant. I discover  new authors frequently with fresh perspectives. Often  the latest in scientific developments come up which my  readers tend […]

Andrew S. 

Saves me time and therefore money.  Provides quick and easy  way of putting together content for prospect and customer  education.  Reduces workload for research, article and  report writing.  Enabled me to outsource work to people  with no subject matter expertise.I use multiple strategies  for driving traffic and SEO, impossible for me to say what  impact […]

Tony Ridley | Director | Internet Search Engine Marketing 

We can now produce content daily, weekly and monthly at a speed and convenience we never had before. Our team of content creators save hours of research and aggregation time using Curationsoft. Not only do we save time, we can aggregate an entire industry’s views and content and share with clients, prospects and clients, with […]

Sam H. 

Back to the Future? I’ve been online long enough to remember  when those of us with online diaries (pre-blog era) were considered  so weird, a psychologist did a study of us. (At the time, there were only about 125 of us. We tested as more private than most people,  but we were also greater risk-takers.)I […]

John H. 

I would like to submit an example post and ranking screen shot of a post created using Curationsoft. It was posted in July and still ranks very highly out of a lot of results I even outrank Mashable and Search Engine Land! The article can be found here: articles-worth-time/ .And I have attached a screenshot […]