Marvin S. 

I just started using Curationsoft 2.0 in order to start curating technology news for my website. Within days, I stopped using the other curation software I had previously purchased and switched entirely to Curationsoft 2.0. The interface is so intuitive that I still have not watched all of the training videos – but I learn completely new techniques each time I do watch a new one.

Paul S. 

I have used the software in numerous sites to enable  me to select and add a range of curated content and  I find it easy and simple to use, while at the same  time powerful to attract truly dynamic content. I use the software to find interesting and useful  content for some of my sites […]

Ayanna T. 

CurationSoft benefits our business by the relative ease it provides  in obtaining great content at ease along with the ability to drag  and drop the information to posts. It has a nice interface and it  is definitely a time saver.  I have ranked pages on the first page  of Google with the curated content that […]

Mike H. 

I use CurationSoft to help grab content for Tier 2 and Tier 3 sites  for ranking purposes. It allows me to create decent looking sites  with good content for SEO reasons when working to rank a certain site.   Content is king, and great content is always best! I basically repurpose  expired domains and use the […]

Richard B 

CurationSoft helps in finding fresh content to fill our blog with news and updates. The more news and updates you add to your site, the better in terms of quality and search engine love.We have had increased traffic to our  news site and hold top 10 rankings for niche related news.This news site has  helped […]

Mark L 

CurationSoft helped me overall to improve my “image” with  clients since I’m no longer “just” the SEO-guy, since I made  it part of my “package”, and really only use it as a competitive  advantage.I use it a lot for my offline clients to get them an  idea of what blogs to put out, where to […]

Wayne S. 

CurationSoft makes content creation faster, and allows me to curate  content and know I put together a quality post.  Not some garbage  spin or autopost. The software helps me find content and it does an  excellent job doin it. I use it to add content to my personal  blog and other websites I run. So […]

Rod A. 

CurationSoft helps expediting research in locating relevant  content. Access to Twitter, YouTube, Google News &  Flickr  makes for varied and vast resources. Further emotional   comfort by realizing that the content found is copyright safe. The ability to search by keyword then drag and drop, edit and  post is fast and easy. Pingback creation saves time […]

Richard C. 

We manage over 80 websites and CurationSoft allows us to post  interesting and unique content quickly and easily on a regular  basis from one place. Before we had CurationSoft it was a time  consuming process to find and edit content and the login to each  site and make a post. Now it’s really very easy. […]

Michael D. 

CS enables me to  share crucial info with members of my congregation who do not have the time to do the kind of research I do. Michael D: