10 Biggest And Best Sites Using The Content Curation Model 

The irony of the web world today opening its doors to almost everyone who has something to say is – we’re fast running out of new things to say. With so much great content out there, how do you top that? How can a marketing website make it to the upper echelons of the snooty […]

9 Content Curation Best Practices For Creating Great Content 

Content curation is now fast catching on as a method for creating authoritative and useful content. Creating quality curated content is an art and with any such activity there are things that you should and should not do. Here are nine content curation best practices that you should try to follow so that the content […]

10 Minute Curator’s Success Guide 

10 Minute Curator’s Success Guide 1. Introduction to Curation with CurationSoft 2. Drag and drop 3. Making a post with CurationSoft 4. General Settings 5. Google News Search 6. Google Blog Search 7. YouTube Video Search 8. Flickr Search 9. Twitter Search 10. Wikipedia 11. WordPress Intro to Curation with CurationSoft CurationSoft gives you the […]

5 Crucial Steps To Creating Valuable Curated Content 

Writing curated content is way of providing good value by using existing articles on the internet. Let us understand what curated content is all about and how to write a curated article or blog post. Why curated content? Whether it is about remedies for common ailments or the features of the latest smartphone, most people […]