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What is Content Curation?


“Content curation is the act of continually identifying, selecting and sharing the best and most relevant online content and other online resources (and by that I mean articles, blog posts, videos, photos, tools, tweets, or whatever) on a specific subject to match the needs of a specific audience.”  -Ann Handley – @marketingprofs


“Today, everyone is a potential media outlet. A curator understands their audience and is able to package created content in a digestible manner for them.” -Erik Qualman, @equalman Author of “Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business”

10 Ways To Talk About CurationSoft…

  • CurationSoft allows anyone to research, collect, and curate content.
  • Cuts blogging time in 1/2 or less per post, yet,
  • It builds posts that score in the engines.
  • It helps build posts that readers love!
  • It allows posting more often, getting more longtail rankings, faster.
  • Helps curators create posts that generate social buzz from readers.
  • Helps keep readers engaged and coming back for more.
  • A new way for bloggers to earn money, get ranked, and spend a lot less time creating content.
  • Software-assisted curation blogging is a solid business model.
  • CurationSoft is in use on thousands of sites across the web.

Who built this thing?

Jack Humphrey, Brandon Hall and Peter Lenkefi

curationsoft jack humphrey

Jack has been an instrumental leader in blog marketing and content development since 2006 as a founder of Blog Success.

CurationSoft is an idea he had to help him create great content for his readers without having to write original posts all the time.

Saving time meant he could post more often and score for more searched on keywords while still spending less time blogging than before.

Brandon spent an awful lot of time rebuilding and redeveloping the old software from the ground up and make it suitable for both PC and MAC.

And finally Peter managed to introduce CS to a larger audience and now we have about 12,000 happy users.

Evolution of a successful piece of valuable software…

This software was designed to help with our personal curation blogs.  Then we thought others might be interested in using it.

Boy were they!  We’ve sold a few thousand copies, and an unexpected star was born.  Just in time for the coming boom in curation blogging on the web.

Review Copies

If you were given a username and password for review access to the software, please install CurationSoft below and use those login credentials you were provided.

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  • CurationSoft is built on Adobe Air
  • Desktop software, works on Mac and PC
  • Password protected, automatic updates