This is an ever-growing page of interviews with CurationSoft founders and co-founders.

1. Han Fan interviews the founder of on the latest 3.0 update and more.

2. Mike Thomas interviews co-founder on content curation marketing.

Summary: You know that you need to create amazing, high-quality content if you want to keep your visitors happy, but it’s super time-consuming. Even huge companies like,, and use a way of creating content that “samples” parts of other content called “content curation”. Here is a content packed webinar on content curation we did with Mike Thomas not so long ago.

3. Co-founder of interviews Jack Humphrey on the The Very Best Curation Tactics and Methods in 2013.

Summary: A 1 hour and 14 minute webinar with blogging and content curation expert Jack Humphrey from, original founder and the idea man behind CurationSoft CEO, Peter  grills Jack on the best curation practices, tricks and tips.