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Content Marketing Glossary

Content Marketing A – Z

Aggregate: the act of collecting pieces of information and grouping them together.

B2B Marketing: refers to business-to-business marketing, or marketing to a targeted business specifically and directly.

Business Blogging: refers to blogging with the intention of reaching a corporate goal, such as boosting website traffic or creating a brand identity.

Content Aggregation: a process that involves collecting and grouping web content, much like content curation. Unlike content curation, however, content aggregation is usually fueled by RSS feeds and allows for less customization on the part of the aggregator.

Content Curation: involves locating, structuring, annotating, citing, and sharing high-quality web content (such as blogs, articles, statistics, videos, images, etc.) relevant to a certain audience or market.

Content Curation Software: software that allows users to implement content curation strategies more successfully via a viable platform as opposed to manually.

Content Curator: an individual within a team or company charged with the job of collecting and grouping content, as well as adding intelligent commentary before sharing.

Content Marketing: a multi-stage process that generally involves advancing a company and expanding clientele through curating, developing, and publishing well-put-together web content.

Digital Marketing: involves combining marketing methods with electronic avenues, such as the Internet, to achieve greater expansion and promotion.

Internet Marketing: refers to the use of the Internet in building a stronger corporate presence, typically through promotional campaigns, identity branding, and content marketing.

Social Curation: refers to the curation of information via forums and online communities that relate to a certain topic.

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