CurationSoft Video Demos

1. How Does CurationSoft Work?

Watch this really detailed video demo, which explains how CurationSoft works and how it can benefit your content development and marketing efforts.

2. Creating A Curated Article With CurationSoft

CurationSoft allows bloggers to focus on creating great posts without all the back-and-forth of copying, pasting, and having a gazillion open tabs.It takes the pain out of creating great mashups that are filled with content your visitors are looking for. 

It also enables content marketers to have more time to post more often, giving you more potential search rankings and a more loyal following. How fast could your business grow if more people started coming to you for the news in your niche?

3. CurationSoft 2.0 – The Post Builder Update

Here is what is included in this update:

1/06/13 [2.0.0]

Bug Fix: incorrect support address link changed to correct one.
Bug Fix: related keyword functionality restored.
Added function to create and manage multiple WordPress accounts.
Added inbuilt Post Editor: user now can create posts inside CurationSoft.
Added function to insert local images to the posts.
Added function to post directly to a WordPress blog (multiple blogs are supported).
Watch this almost 8 minute video demo below to learn everything about our latest and biggest update: The Post Builder Update.

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