Yeah, we rolled out another major update to CurationSoft last night…

You know, this is getting really fun.  I don’t know of any curation platform that updates as much as we do.  All thanks to our tireless and massive team of programmer:  Brandon Hall.

Many of our customers have commented on the fact that Google Blog Search and Google News sources left some things to be desired.  I wholeheartedly agree.  While sometimes you can hit a home run with a query right off the bat, many times you have to keep digging to find good stuff in Google News and Blogs.

Then Brandon discovered‘s API.  (Even before that we were noticing some really quality results from Blekko searches.)  It made us wonder how easy it would be to incorporate Blekko results for news and blogs in CurationSoft as alternative sources.  As it turns out, not so hard.  The Blekko team was awesome to work with and very welcoming of our use of the API for CurationSoft customers.

When you next fire up CurationSoft, an update will start and you will immediately be able to search news and blogs on Blekko.  And you will see quite a difference between their results and Google’s.  It’s an awesome day for curators!

Release Notes for CurationSoft 1.0.9

  • Two new sources! We found that many people were unhappy with Google Blogs & Google News so we added Blekko Blog & Blekko news search. If you’re not familiar with Blekko it’s an incredibly powerful search engine. Their results are extremely high-quality and we’re excited to have them as a content partner. When you start using Blekko for curation you’ll soon realize that it’s an excellent search engine.
  •  Fixed a bug where the page navigation bar was still appearing when getting RSS feed results. That shouldn’t happen because RSS Feeds only return 10 results usually.
  • Couple of small UI tweaks. Made the fact you have to double-click the RSS feed for results to return much more noticeable.

Enjoy your new curation super powers!

On a final note, if you haven’t checked out Blekko, watch this video to learn just why their results are so quality:

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.

About Author: Peter Lenkefi