As a blogger, authority publisher or white-paper writer, what is the biggest problem you face time and time again? (18.5K users don't have this problem!)

  • Generating traffic or readers
  • Finding appropriate, royalty-free images
  • Social media set up and marketing
  • Battling with technology

Think again!!! 9 out of 10 bloggers say their biggest pain is creating refreshing content day-in and day-out or week-in and week-out and battling writer's block.
Content is the life-blood of a publication or a blog-post. You need interesting, well-thought out, rich, relevant, impactful and gripping content - post after post! You must have tried everything, including:

And discovered, just like I did, that the results are disproportionately small in relation to the effort spent. And how much original content can a single person produce? At what cost?

High-quality original content takes forever to create.
And professional copywriters charge a fortune!

What if you had access to a magic tool that would:

Now you are thinking - well, this has to be illegal or some form of black-hat wizardry.

Let me say this:

What if the tool preserved all the source information including original credits and attribution?


The web's premier content curation software

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Content curation allows you to handpick high-quality content from around the web to be placed on your publication! Content curation is the backbone for successful news sites such as Yahoo, Huffington Post, FoxNews and Tech Meme.

Now you can curate content very easily using CurationSoft! CurationSoft is proven by more than 18,500 users

What our users say about CurationSoft:

The Power of Content Curation allows you to...

  • Quickly locate high quality content that your visitors are dying to see.
  • Easily populate your site with fresh new content that will drive visitors back to your site, time and time again
  • Dominate Search Engine Rankings as Google recognizes you as an authority, and propels you to the top spot for maximum exposure
  • Enjoy instant credibility as you easily fill your site with reputable content that will maintain your authority within your niche.

The Results

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Let us compute your benefits and savings over a six-month:

  • Time Saved

    Time saved on content writing: $720 (@ $120/month assuming 4 posts a month)
  • Social media promotions

    Assuming a 25% conversion rate. i.e. One out of four authors whose post you reference tweets your post or shares it on Facebook. If you cite 5 sources per post and 4 posts a month, then you have 30 promotions in a six-month period from established experts in your subject. At a rate of $20 per promotion, this is $600 that you save just by writing your post.
  • Backlinks for off-page SEO

    Assuming a 10% acceptance, i.e. one post out of 10 that you cite in two of your post, accepts your trackback and gives you a backlink. These are very potent for off-page SEO. So you get 2 backlinks a month for 4 posts, i.e. 12 in six months.
    At a very low rate of $25 (these are experts, mind you), you save $300 in six months.
  • 5 cornerstone pages and 50 visitors per day

    If your on-page SEO is optimized, your posts can rank #1 on Google for long-tail keywords. If 5 cornerstone pages rank #1 in Google, you can draw higher traffic organically. Assume 50 per day, you have 45000 visitors in six months. Even at $0.01 conversion, you make $450.

You can easily see that by a very conservative estimate, CurationSoft saves you more than $1600 over a six-month period. And we are not even counting the benefits accrued by these dollars and time spent elsewhere. For a limited time, you can STEAL Curationsoft at a very low price of $47 for an annual license that can be used on upto three PCs.

Just compare $47/year with $2070/six months!

CurationSoft is created specifically for online publishing professionals, bloggers, news organizations and outsourcing firms who handle content development and marketing work for their clients

Why Nothing Else Will Work Better?

  • Because we built CurationSoft to address the specific needs of content marketing professionals; it pulls in popular posts from a variety of sources very fast /td Sources include Google blogs, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Wikipedia pages, Blekko blogs, Slideshare, RSS feeds, and many more.
  • It makes researching, finding, vetting, and publishing curated content very easy.
  • It does not depend on a proprietary platform; CurationSoft works seamlessly with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Connecting what you curate to your site isn't an afterthought, it is built in. CurationSoft publishes directly to your WordPress or other blog CMS.

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