What’s on tap for CurationSoft’s next update…

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We’re working hard on the next update.  Since August we’ve pushed out several updates and we’re not slowing down.

RSS Feeds

Users have asked about adding individual RSS feeds – we’re working on that in the next update!

Cleaner Results, More Results

As well, Brandon has been cleaning up the way dragged content looks in your posts.  Several little tweaks laters he’s greatly improved the way Google News, Twitter, and Google Blog Search results show in your own blog’s style.

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Plus, Twitter will work through CurationSoft just like it does on search.twitter.com!  This means hashtags will be searchable and the results come right into CurationSoft like any other.

There’s lots more on tap for CurationSoft in the next several months.  The updates we begin working on after this one, which should be out soon, are going to take CurationSoft from a very robust “utility” to something so cool that I can’t talk about it.  Suffice it to say, you’re going to freak when you see where we’re going with this software!

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