Weekly wrap up in content marketing

Who would have thought anything would take our relentless focus away from SEO and search engine marketing?

In an effort to take a much broader, and healthy, view of marketing online, website owners from product developers, affiliate marketers, and corporations have refocused their attention to content marketing.

It turns out that this focus encompasses all that is good in search engine marketing without being too myopic and spending all of our resources and time on just that one tactic for getting attention.


Why Content Marketing Is King | Blog | Daily Dose | Entrepreneur.com

More business marketers are turning to blogs, white papers and case studies to spread the word about their wares than search engine marketing.Get the latest…

Late this summer, HiveFire, a Cambridge, Mass.-based internet marketing software solutions company, surveyed nearly 400 marketing professionals about the state of the business-to-business, or B2B, market, and discovered that marketers are retreating from traditional marketing tactics such as search marketing and have made content marketing the most-used tactic in their brand-enhancing tool box.

Other content marketing news this week:

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Landing pages are an extremely critical component of lead generation in marketing.

Great HubSpot breakdown of creating quality, effective landing pages.


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The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs recently collaborated on a survey that named producing content likely to convert prospects as marketers’ top content marketing challenge.


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The Ground Shifts (Slightly) On News Curation – Forbes

Megan Garber of the Nieman Journalism Lab wrapped up two interesting and complementary nuggets on social media curation in the last 24 hours.

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