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We can now produce content daily, weekly and monthly at a speed and convenience we never had before. Our team of content creators save hours of research and aggregation time using Curationsoft. Not only do we save time, we can aggregate an entire industry’s views and content and share with clients, prospects and clients, with various mediums such as articles, news releases,  video, etc. We are now appearing in our own Curationsoft  search results! We now appear in industry niche mentions  and searches for terms and expressions unique to our  focus areas. Not only do we publish content using  Curationsoft but it generates ideas identifies weak  areas for us to create content, and then dominate  the search results. We are showing place of prominence  in multiple search and industry niche areas now.  We have been applying Curationsoft to one of our startup  businesses primarily. We are yet to generate revenue but  the process and exposure has contributed significantly to  our brand development, visibility, publishing and progress  in securing these new opportunities and deals.  We use it daily to monitor the industry, find ideas for  content creation and then each week we publish multiple  “round ups” specific to our niche and market.  Much of what we do is now built around curation and  repurposing of content to filter and communicate with  our busy and focused audience. When we see a gap or  slow down globally in available content, we then trigger  our content creation phase to fill the void and provide  continuous and original content. Our new business start  up is nearly 100% based on curation.

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