The Web’s Largest Employer: You!

I employ tens of thousands of people each year to keep me informed and entertained.

Who am I?

You. Me. Everyone who uses the web.

Collectively, we employ gazillions of content creators and curators to keep our brains fat and happy with all sorts of data.


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There are job openings for anyone who likes to share great information on topics of interest to others.  And we are so hungry for content with context and meaning, we’re employing more and more people who do a good job of curating the web’s content for us everyday.

When I surf for news and information in the tech space, I employ no less than a dozen different sites at any given time.  I say ” employ” because in return for keeping me informed, I reward those sites with pageviews which they, in turn, sell to advertisers.  I click on some ads, and occasionally buy stuff recommended by the sites I use frequently.  All of this activity on my part constitutes and economy-boosting, job creating role that myself and every web surfer takes part in everyday.  And why do I like these sites?  Mainly because they have great content.  Without a lot of filler.  And a lot of that content is curated or inspired by other content.

They do all the research, gathering, filtering, and writing, and I benefit by saving time and keeping up on things I care about without all the fuss.  That’s value worth paying for.  And I pay with attention, clicks, and dollars.

Who gets hired by us?

The people who do the best job at giving us what we need: the information we’re looking for, minus all the noise, plus some commentary and analysis to put that information into a new context for us to better understand and consume it.

In short, the best job prospects on the internet today lie in content curation.  Some call it good old fashioned news reporting.  Others call it “riffing” on the news and information being created at blistering speeds on all topics of interest.

Whatever you prefer to call it, you are employing people for this job every time you visit a favorite site that always seems to keep you in the loop with the best information or entertainment.

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Have Blog? You’re Hired!

There is a huge need for clarity and focus on the web.  And as more and more content is produced, the need only grows.  We need people with websites and curation tools and we’re willing to pay with our attention, clicks, and dollars.

Skills Required

  • A domain of your own or a blog hosted at, say, WordPress or Tumblr.
  • A desire to find cool information and share it with others (essentially what we all do on Twitter and Facebook).
  • An ability to choose the good from the bad, and curate posts that make your readers happy, loyal followers and brand evangelists.
  • Ability to use tools to help you gather and filter information, like CurationSoft.
  • Ability to use tools to help you make posts without being a “code jockey” or data entry drone. (Like CurationSoft!)

The skill set may not seem like a big deal, but the effect a person with these skills can have in any market is profound. It can turn you into a valuable earner with one of the coolest jobs on the Planet.

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  • A place like Blog Success will get you up to speed on WordPress.
  • CurationSoft  will give you everything you need to curate like a pro, and doesn’t even require a big manual.

Again, just because it sounds too easy to be of value, and therefore, doesn’t sound like it could turn into a good paying gig, doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most attractive and effective money earning businesses on the web today. It certainly is!

About Author: Peter Lenkefi