The Internet Is Full [Infographic]

We’ve been talking a lot about how messy the web has become in recent years.  And it’s only getting messier.  So much so that simple words will not suffice to describe just how much content is created and uploaded to the internet every minute of the day. We created this infographic to depict how “full” the internet is.  While it’s technically impossible for the web to fill up, it is very clear that web surfers are well past our limits of time and patience it takes to find the best information on the topics that interest us.

With a desperate search for tools to help us gather and consume only the best information on any topic, nothing has presented itself as an ideal solution.  Except for one thing:  the human curated information hub. Looking at the graphic below, it becomes clear very quickly why it is impossible for a single algorithm-driven source, such as a search engine, to supply us with everything that is relevant (and of high quality) on a certain topic without all the noise that comes with it.

It is also a great way to demonstrate just how important human curated content has become. Curation is truly a valuable service to web surfers who have neither the time nor the patience to sift through mountains of links and data to find what they’re looking for and make sense of it.

(Click graphic for larger view.)

About Author: Peter Lenkefi