Content Marketing News – Curated 

I’ve been playing with lately.  Some would say I’ve been sleeping with the enemy, but in truth, and CurationSoft play really nicely together. While getting to know the interface and features, I saw a perfect opportunity for the two to work together through RSS.  Every curation page has an RSS feed (the […]

Curating The Under Reported News 

Yet another use for curation:  reporting the under reported news. Sometimes it’s easy to think that since there are massive news curation sites like HuffPo on the web, everything newsworthy is being covered.  They have a huge writing staff and aggregate content from everywhere. The fact is, lots of news is left on the cutting […]

Curating The News 

As “curation” picks up steam in search and on blogs across the web as a very popular topic, I thought I’d fire up CurationSoft and see what the term “curating the news” would bring up. Below you will find the best of what I found with this amazing software.  If I can deliver you the […]