What makes a good curator? 

This video by Percolate is really quite good.  Curation is very serious business.  You won’t find dime store internet marketers doing it well.  Or even properly.  Don’t let the spammy techniques that some are passing off as curation color your view of just how powerful a good curator can become on the web… Download “Curation […]

Jack interviewed on Relationship Marketing 101 today… 

This was a fun interview.  Gina and Ronda do a really great job on their Blog Talk Radio show every week and I was honored to be their guest today. We talked about the basics of curation along with some cool tips on how to be a great curator.  It’s worth a listen even if […]

The Internet Is Full [Infographic] 

We’ve been talking a lot about how messy the web has become in recent years.  And it’s only getting messier.  So much so that simple words will not suffice to describe just how much content is created and uploaded to the internet every minute of the day. We created this infographic to depict how “full” the […]

The Effect of Curation On Reader Engagement and Loyalty 

What about context? Since everyone is pretty much focused on the technology behind curation these days (shiny new thing syndrome), I thought it would be nice to pull back and look at why curation works. Specifically, why proper curation causes readership to rise and engagement to increase, as well as notable increases in social “buzz.” […]

Steve Rosenbaum TED Talk: Innovate – Curation! 

The founder of Magnify.net and master information curator Steve Rosenbaum, breaks down the importance and role of curation. This is a pretty important video for understanding how we harness and interact with information.  There’s probably no better argument for curation than this talk.

NeVC 2011: Steven Rosenbaum Free Webinar 

This will be something to watch on Wednesday – don’t miss it! “Curate The Cloud. How Too Much Information Puts Humans Back In Charge” Steven Rosenbaum  is the author of Curation Nation an exploration of the emerging phenomenon of human organization and publishing of content. He is also the founder of Magnify.net and the creator of MTV News […]

Curation tip #356: curating the news 

Below is an example of how you can catch your readers up on trending news with YouTube video.  The television news world is just a fragment of what it used to be in peoples’ lives.  We all miss a lot of stuff as our attention is fractured among all our incoming information streams. A great […]

Chaos produces opportunity 

A good curator delivers the most important, most interesting, or most informative content from a sea of noise. In any lively topic range, curators deliver clarity while saving readers time. Rather than having to navigate the noisy sea of date themselves, they are able to rely on the curator to make sense of any topic. […]

Cleaning Up Your Readers’ Lives With Curation 

There’s nothing more satisfying in the office than sitting down to clean off your desk.  Well, the sitting down to do it part isn’t always fun, but the end result is! Everyone has a different system of organization, but the sort-and-pile method runs through any good system. Picture your desk in disaster mode: bills, statements, […]

Curating Mari Smith 

A Facebook networking maven, Mari Smith is to social media marketing as peanut butter is to jelly.  She’s taught countless social media networkers how social media is done.  She’s captivated and cultivated a huge audience of followers across the socialscape. And she exudes a seemingly limitless love and energy for social media which puts her […]