Jack interviewed on Relationship Marketing 101 today… 

This was a fun interview.  Gina and Ronda do a really great job on their Blog Talk Radio show every week and I was honored to be their guest today. We talked about the basics of curation along with some cool tips on how to be a great curator.  It’s worth a listen even if […]

The Effect of Curation On Reader Engagement and Loyalty 

What about context? Since everyone is pretty much focused on the technology behind curation these days (shiny new thing syndrome), I thought it would be nice to pull back and look at why curation works. Specifically, why proper curation causes readership to rise and engagement to increase, as well as notable increases in social “buzz.” […]

“To not curate as a business is incredibly dangerous.” 

That’s a quote in the video below from Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation. More from Steven Rosenbaum on curation… Curation Nation – Podcast Interview with Steven Rosenbaum … To learn why in an era of data abundance, the thing that is scarce is taste, Chris Kenneally turned to Steven Rosenbaum, author of newly-published “Curation Nation.” […]

Curation tip #356: curating the news 

Below is an example of how you can catch your readers up on trending news with YouTube video.  The television news world is just a fragment of what it used to be in peoples’ lives.  We all miss a lot of stuff as our attention is fractured among all our incoming information streams. A great […]

Saving Time and Keeping Quality: the Content Marketer’s Holy Grail. 

As a blogging coach, I’m hyper-focused on helping clients put out great, regular content in the easiest ways possible.  Time is either your enemy or your friend in content marketing, whether you run a news site, a personal blog, or a business/corporate blog. A publisher’s ability to put up content that excites readers is will […]