“To not curate as a business is incredibly dangerous.” 

That’s a quote in the video below from Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation. More from Steven Rosenbaum on curation… Curation Nation – Podcast Interview with Steven Rosenbaum … To learn why in an era of data abundance, the thing that is scarce is taste, Chris Kenneally turned to Steven Rosenbaum, author of newly-published “Curation Nation.” […]

NeVC 2011: Steven Rosenbaum Free Webinar 

This will be something to watch on Wednesday – don’t miss it! “Curate The Cloud. How Too Much Information Puts Humans Back In Charge” Steven Rosenbaum  is the author of Curation Nation an exploration of the emerging phenomenon of human organization and publishing of content. He is also the founder of Magnify.net and the creator of MTV News […]