Content Curation Guest Post

CurationSoft is looking for high-quality content curation guest posts.

Topics can be content curation or bloggers’ challenges with content creation.

In its 3rd year, with 18 sources of information, CurationSoft is now the web’s premier content curation software.

Each and every post that meets the guest post guidelines will be published on our site.

With daily visits to the site growing at a huge tick, due to advertisements, SEO initiatives and a website re-design (coming soon), this exposure will help our traffic flow to your site.

Guest Blogging Rules

  1. Your post must be in good English – free of any spelling or grammar errors.
  2. The subject must be content curation.  Posts containing your personal experiences, challenges and triumphs stand a better chance of approval.
  3. Your submission(s) must be original and exclusive to (can’t be published on your blog or elsewhere).
  4. No “spun” articles.
  5. Use appropriate categories.
  6. Author bios can have up to 2 links.
  7. You need to submit the html version of your post and include tags, categories, and 1 image.
  8. Images must be minimum 150×150 and not over 500×500 in size.  By clicking on the “submit” button, you certify (in addition to item 3 above) that the images are free to use, share and modify even commercially.
  9. By submitting your post, you grant NuRam Solutions LLC, a non-exclusive right to publish the post on the site or any other site owned by NuRam Solutions LLC.

We only approve quality content curation-related tactics, case studies, and how-to information along with commentary on the industry and news.  Be sure to check out our categories and what people have been writing lately to make sure your post has a good chance of being accepted.