How to Speed up your Content Curation Process with CurationSoft Tool

CurationSoft is a complete search, authoring and publishing tool.

To speed up your content curation process with CurationSoft, you must leverage ALL three components of the software.

1. Searching and Curating.

Ensure your focus keyword is appropriately tweaked and finalized.  Input that into the CurationSoft search box and check out each of the sources for the most popular posts that you’d like to use in the content.

Do select 3 out of 4, or 4 out of 5 articles that support your argument or hypothesis that you are making in the blog post. 

Have at least one or two that contradict your statement.  Dig into the post and lay out your perspective.  Sometimes you may agree to disagree.  Most other times, it is recommended that you showcase your expertise and feel free to clearly lay out your opinion in YOUR post.

But do weave a story around the curated articles that you are pulling out.

Mix and match, for types of content.  Pick out a book related to the topic, place an appropriate video on your post.

The idea is to use the various sources in CurationSoft to search for relevant, popular and interesting articles that relate to your topic and focus keyword.
Then curate from the results, and weave your argument, and state your opinion on the topic.

You must WOW your reader with your expertise, whilst at the same time pulling out very valuable articles from the web (even books and/or videos) so that your reader does not have to go around hunting in the world wide spider web!

2. Authoring.
Exploit the authoring capabilities of CurationSoft.  No need to use Control, C and V keys on your keyboard, i.e. no copy/pasting.

You can format, highlight text and also put in hyperlinks, colors and do most formatting activities from within CurationSoft itself.

Did you know that you can indent, insert tables, have multiple columns of text, bold, underline, and even use html code within the Curationsoft editor?

Of course the most popular “drag and drop” functionality makes it very easy for you to drag and drop articles into the post builder.

By the time you finish editing your post, you should be ready to publish it.
3. Publishing.
As part of your set up, make sure your log in credentials for your platforms are properly and accurately set up in CurationSoft.

Once you hit “post”, you can then choose to either post directly to WordPress, or schedule it for a future time.  Of course it will show up as either published, or scheduled in WordPress.  For SEO purposes, you can also input the post title and tag (keyword).  CurationSoft also enables you to mark the categories that the post belongs to.

Save your time and use CurationSoft to published directly to your WordPress, Facebook, Blogger and Tumblr platforms.
What are some of your favorite tips or features in CurationSoft to speed up blog posting?

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