New Year’s Resolution For Many: Going On An Information Diet

Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson

In his review of “The Information Diet,” by Clay Johnson, David Eaves examines the pain and suffering that too much junk information can cause.  And how he, as a “knowledge worker,” should be very good at managing information.  But he has the same problem that all of us face.  Being on a diet sucks.

“What makes The Information Diet compelling is that Johnson embraces the concerns we have about the world of information overload – from those raised by New York Magazine authors and celebrated pundits to the challenges we all feel on a day to day basis – and offers the best analysis to date of its causes, and what we can do about it. ” David Eaves “Not Brain Candy: A Review of The Information Diet by Clay Johnson

For me, reading a lot of different ideas and opinions about information overload points to the coming trend in mass curation.  As anyone who keeps up with the latest tools and tricks to manage information knows, everyone seems to be grappling with overload.  And this means that everyone is on the lookout for places on the web that can save them time by being a quality filter for the topics that interest them.

In short, the business of curation across the range of popular and niche topics, is set to explode.

Curation is already employed heavily by most serious news and blog sites.  It has to be if they are to keep up with their competition.  But it is also essential for readers to find good sources of quality links and information where they don’t have to search, research, and glean meaning from a noisy web.

Those who provide such a service to their target market will continue to profit greatly from it.  If entire books are being written about how to deal with information overload, there’s no longer much need to debate whether or not curation would be a good priority for content marketers.

People are spread pretty thin these days between social networks and email.  And, obviously, they love to flock to sites that perform the valuable service of curation to save them precious time.  In every corner of the web, right now, there is an opportunity to create a loyal following, great traffic, and great rankings by curating and becoming the chosen filter for readers.


About Author: Peter Lenkefi