New CurationSoft update coming…

Exciting news for CurationSoft users:  we have an update coming soon!

What’s coming:

Google News!

Exciting! Search, drag, and drop up-to-the-minute news from Google news.  Sneak peek below…

google news

CurationSoft users will be able to search and pull the top 10 news stories on any keyword.  The same drag and drop capabilities, of course, with the addition of graphics and photos included in the news stories.

Other updates:

  • Removed system tray functionality:  We found this small feature was confusing users and really served no purpose at this point so we removed it.
  • Updated Help menu items:  added a shortcut for license and better descriptions.
  • Auto complete:  improved the user experience for the autocomplete box.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:  now you can scroll through results with up and down arrow keys.
  • Recommended post tags:  CS will recommend tags for you to use in your posts based on related keywords.
When this update is out, you will get a notification through CurationSoft that it is available.  Just follow the easy instructions and you’ll have the latest version as soon as we roll it out!
About Author: Peter Lenkefi