CurationSoft JV Invite

Private Invitation for SERIOUS JV Partners ONLY! (For Your Eyes Only)

“The HOTTEST Topic In Internet Marketing in 2013: Content Curation”

“4 No-Brainer Reasons Why You Should Promote”

  • Your people will love you for sharing HIGH-VALUE content about the HOTTEST topic in online marketing… profiting from content marketing and curation!
  • Jack’s webinar shows your followers behind the scenes of his secret content curation software which helps building high-ramking blog posts.
  • All you need to do is send out our proven swipe copy, and let us handle the details for our webinar. We also have some cool little tips for maximizing registrations/attendance that you will receive once you become a JV partner.
  • Enjoy an EASY $29 per sale from a webinar that is consistently converting at a high rate!


“Here’s The HOT Product That Will Be Offered on the Webinar”


Jack Humphrey teaches webinar attendees the following:
  • What is content marketing and content curation
  • Why content curation should be one of your major content creation strategies in 2012
  • How to make money with curated blog posts
  • How to drive laser targeted traffic with curated blog posts
Who’s CurationSoft For?
  • CurationSoft was created specifically for online publishing professionals, bloggers, news organizations and outsourcing firms who handle content development and marketing work for their clients.
  • Everything else in the curation space is built for the general public.
  • There’s a huge difference between personal curation, aggregation, and what we use CurationSoft to do as publishers and content marketers.
Why Nothing Else Will Work Better
  • Because we built CurationSoft to address the specific needs of content marketing professionals, it does things much differently than all the supposed curation sites popping up around the web.
  • It makes researching, finding, vetting, and publishing curated content very easy.
  • It isn’t dependent on a proprietary platform, nor does it put your company at risk by building on a 3rd party platform.
  • CurationSoft publishes directly to your WordPress or other blog CMS without a middle man.
  • Connecting what you curate to your site isn’t an afterthought, as it obviously was for other curation platforms.
  • It was the first thought and purpose we had for the software when we designed the first version.

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“Webinar Can Be Live or Pre-Recorded… You Choose!”

Option #1: Live 1-on-1 Webinar

We will do live webinars with individual JV partners who have a proven track record of either (1) driving a minimum of 100 attendees to a webinar, or (2) have a subscriber list who have demonstrated a history of purchasing blogging and content marketing related products.

Option #2: Pre-Recorded Webinars (Multiple JVs)

We have the option for you to drive prospects to view our pre-recorded webinar if Option #1 isn’t quite a fit for you, yet, either because you’re not sure how many registrations you can create, if you have a very small list, or simply don’t have the time to do a live, 1-on-1 webinar.

Once you join us as a JV partner, we can give you more info about how this 2nd option will take place for you.

“How Much $ You Can Make (JV Commissions)”

Your Commission: 40% of $59 sale

WHEN You Get Paid: Clickbank (our affiliate network) will pay your commissions every 2 weeks!

HOW You Get Paid: Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world and they offer multiple payout options for you.

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