Is Your Business Your Baby?

babaI heard once, and I agree, that people would make a comparison that their business is like raising a baby. And, I would never really compare the responsibilities of being a good parent to being a good business owner but they’re are some similar traits. You cherish your business, you nourish it, like you would a child, right? If your child needs your immediate attention you give it to them just like you would your business.

Even if you give up your child for adoption you still created it -there’s still that link to you?

So, the question I have for you is, have you been a good parent to your business, lately? Are you doing what’s best for your business?  Are you helping it grow, helping it develop, helping it become big and strong?

You may feel a bit inadequate about what you need for your business or even knowing that’s right for your business. But, when you have something you love and care about, you never give up trying to find a way.

Your search is over because with what we have on the other side is the the love, nourishment and attention that your business needs.

Love your business and make it simpler for yourself.

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