How To Get More From Your List Subscribers By Giving More


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Why do we hate our inboxes so much?  Could part of it be that we have subscribed to lists that were big on promises of useful content only to be hit with marketing messages?

It’s not entirely a problem of “evil” marketers.  While many content publishers do a great job producing content for their sites and social networks, we all seem to leave our subscribers in the lurch at times.  This is because, when it comes to sitting down and putting yet another piece of great content together, we often just don’t have the energy.

Curation to the rescue – again!

This tip was provided by James Pruitt.  Follow him on G+!

James answered today’s question I posted on G+:

 ”What are you going to do to save time this week?”

His answer:  ”curate your newsletter instead of writing one”

He then went on to talk about a test he did with CurationSoft and Aweber.  Turns out, you can curate a killer newsletter with the HTML editor and CurationSoft with drag-and-drop ease.  Or any newsletter/mailing list management tool that allows for html emails.

So think about it:  You are likely in the same boat all of us are with your email newsletter.  We promised to bring the goods and be useful to our subscribers, but it is hard to save time and energy for this purpose.  But if you have a simple, fast way to put together some very interesting stuff with CurationSoft (mixed with updates from your own site, of course) you can bring that promised value to your readers.  And keep them on your list.

The best benefit of all?  Subscribers become trained to open your emails much more often.  They love your content.  So the next time you send an email on a product update or an affiliate offer, your open rate will be high, as well as your trust factor, and you will make more sales and get more clicks as a result.

Try curating a killer newsletter together for your list this week and see what the reaction is!

About Author: Peter Lenkefi