How To Dominate Google With Author Rank – by Tony Evans

practice writingIt is known to many that Google released its authorship markup feature for Google plus users. It is predicted that soon Google will use these authorship markups as a basis of ranking. In this article, we will discuss on how you can dominate the search results when the time comes for author rank to be the basis of search results. What can you do now? Here are five suggestions.

1. Practice Writing

Before you can even get to have quality content, you should take time to practice your writing skills. This is if you are not thinking of hiring freelancers or hired content contributors or developers to write for your blog. It’s best if you can write for your own because you get to express what you need to share in the first voice and in a very engaging way.

Don’t fret if you create bad first drafts. Most of the time, initial drafts of really good writers as well don’t get approved and published. Rather, writers have to revise and proofread their piece until they satisfy their publishers. In the case of a blogger, you don’t need a publisher to see if your content is anything unique and noteworthy. To gauge whether or not your draft is okay to send out the public’s view, you can submit it to your trusted friends and mentors and have them conduct a review. When you receive all good comments, then take them as a go signal to hit the publish button.

2. Create Google+ Profile

If you don’t have one yet, do not anymore hesitate to create your own Google+ profile by creating an account with Google. You may have already established strong connection with your fans in Facebook and followers in Twitter. But having a network in Google may prove to be much effective in the coming months. This is because Google must be basing the author rank to get search results on the authority of the content provider. Having as many people in your circle then will multiply your traffic by a hundred fold.

3. Link Account for Google Authorship

The next thing to do after setting up a Google+ account is to link your profile to the blogs where you contribute content. This is simply by adding the blogs to your Google+ page and inserting a snippet of code “rel=author” to your blog backend. As there is now great competition for traffic, you can lead up the hits in search engines by adding this markup as yours will contain not only the summary of text description in the results but also your profile picture. So people would see your content as more authoritative, if you include a decent photo of yourself.

social media outreach4. Social Media Reach and Influence

When you write, keep an authentic and friendly tone to inspire your readers to comment and interact with you as the author. Encourage them to like your post in Facebook, recommend it to Google, tweet it to their own followers and spread your link elsewhere on the web. Doing so will increase your social media reach and influence. This will make your rank higher in Google. Make sure to have your social media sharing buttons visible on your blog pages as well.

5. Hard Work

To top all the above-mentioned suggestions, your competitive edge has to be your hard work and dedication to increase your ranking. You will not be able to keep your influential rating if you can’t continue your good efforts. So you need to always be inspired in what you do if you are already moving on the right track. It’s not wrong to get ideas from other authors but you have to put your own perspective and commentaries on them to build your own. You can even steal concepts and ideas from outside your niche and take the inspiration from there to fuel your writing.


To dominate the search when author rank becomes the basis of search results, you should become a better writer few times more than you are today. To achieve that, the least you can do is follow these steps and let your personality shine through naturally.

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+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, a holder of a Diploma of Management at Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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