Guest Curation Takes Guest Posting To A New, Easier Level

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Everyone knows about guest posting.  The ability to generate targeted direct traffic and valuable links through guest posting is well covered by many pro bloggers.

Still, very, very few people who need attention use guest posting as a method for zooming up in search rankings, credibility, and coming out in front of a large swath of their target market.

Funny, because guesting is the only way to accomplish meteoric growth and mass attention on the web without spending massive amounts on paid advertising.  People must think it’s just too hard to land a guest gig or too hard to write a great guest post.

Well, for those of you who know you need to guest post but fear the above, here’s a tip:

Guest curate instead!

Bloggers don’t care much about the format or contents of a guest post beyond the requirement that it be awesome.  And there’s more than one way to be awesome with guest blogging.

Just like you would for your own site, you can curate an excellent, professional, informative or entertaining post as a guest post.


  • A top 10 list
  • 5 photos from Flickr that make you go Hmmm
  • The best YouTube videos on “x” topic
  • The 20 best Tweets on “x” in the last 20 hours
  • Top news on “x” from Google News
All such topics will turn on a blogger who’s readers are starved for content and can’t get enough.  Guest posting, whether it’s an original article or just riffing on the news or other curated content, means you are doing the editor of the blog a huge favor.  As long as you keep the quality standards they’ve set, and you have a tool to help you curate the best of the best from large sources of content, you can guest post anywhere on any topic you want!
About Author: Peter Lenkefi