Free Curation Reports

Here you can find all the free curation training and marketing reports for download. More reports will be added soon, so check check back frequently.

1. Curation Myths Busted - Learn How To Build Big Traffic With Curation! (And Save A Lot Of Time On Marketing!)

You’ve heard all the buzz about curation by now. We’re busting the myths of curation in our new free guide!

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2. 10 Minutes Curator’s Success Guide - Introduction to Content Curation with CurationSoft!

CurationSoft gives you the ability to quickly find content from Google News, Google Blog Search, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr.

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3. The Power of Outsourcing – How To Outsource Your Entire Business The Right Way

The outsourcing industry has grown tremendously in recent years. Outsourcing is basically handing down any task, job, operation or process to a third party rather than the company’s own employees.

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