CurationSoft Update: Import OPML File

Great news for those who have been asking about importing your feeds from, say, Google Reader.  Now you can!


1.  You should have seen an update if you’ve opened CurationSoft in the last few hours (it’s fresh!)

2.  Once the update is done, you’re good to go for importing your OPML file.

3.  In Google Reader, for instance, grab your OPML file by clicking on the gear in the top right corner and going to “Settings.”

4.  Once in Settings click on the Import/Export tab.

5.  Click on the Download link for “Your subscriptions.”

6.  You now have the file you need with all your RSS subscription information in it.

7.  Open CurationSoft and click the RSS button in the top right corner.

8.  Click on Import OPML button in the bottom left of the RSS feeds window that pops up.  (Only visible if you are running the latest version of CurationSoft.)

9.  Choose the OPML file you’ve just downloaded from Google Reader, and all your feeds will be imported into CurationSoft.

Now you have every feed you track in Google Reader at your fingertips inside CurationSoft!

About Author: Peter Lenkefi