CurationSoft Launch Price Ends

Note: These changes are taking effect November 9th at 12 PM EST.

With 7 upgrades, including 2 major releases, since our recent launch in August 2011, CurationSoft has come to the end of our launch phase pricing.

We’ve done a lot more to the software, a lot faster than we initially thought possible,  to give users a true professional curation app.  Since our launch, we’ve surveyed our customers to find that they really like CurationSoft and have given us suggestions about where to take future versions.  One common request was the addition of RSS feed monitoring, which we added to the current version 1.0.7.

Taking a much more aggressive development schedule than we initially planned means our launch price is no longer sustainable at $39 per one-year license.  While our upgrades have delighted customers (and us), in order to keep pace with a more aggressive development schedule, we’ve discontinued the launch pricing at all levels of licensing.

The new pricing structure reflects more accurately what CurationSoft truly means to our customers:  the ability to spend less time per post or article while maintaining or increasing reader value, traffic, and rankings.  That’s a pretty serious value add to anyone under the burden of the publish-or-perish cycle of content marketing, whether they do curation manually or create 100% original thought in every story.

Here is how the new pricing structure for CurationSoft breaks down:

  • $99 full year license for single user  (That’s just $8.33 per month or 28¢ a day)
  • 2 users $179 per year
  • 5 users $399 per year
  • 10 users $799 per year
  • 20 users $1299 per year

All active licenses will be entitled to unlimited upgrades during the course of their license period.  As our customers have already seen, we’ve done 7 upgrades with 2 major upgrades in under 2.5 months.  And we don’t plan to slow down on development, though the development projects are getting larger in scope.

Of course, current customers will continue to enjoy full access to CurationSoft for the duration of their licensing period without any interruption.

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