CurationSoft and Pinterest

Here’s a great case study on how Tom Treanor, from Right Mix Marketing, uses CurationSoft to help him curate great content onto his Pinterest board.

My Secret Weapon for Pinterest Content Curation

“I’ve been a user and affiliate of CurationSoft for a while now. I’ve used it mainly for writing curated blog posts (with it’s content discovery and drag and drop feature). If your strategy involves curating articles, I recommend you take a look at it. Anyway, in addition to curating content for blog posts, I’ve found two other good uses for CurationSoft. One of them is blog commenting. It’s a great tool to find recent blog posts on topics that I write about (and you can add “comment luv”, “Disqus” or “Liverfyre” as part of the search phrase if you have preferred commenting platform).”

pinterest curation

Read the entire guide and watch Tom’s video as he takes you through his process of Pinterest curation.   Check out the resulting board where Tom has collected some incredibly helpful, current, informative articles and tips.

We love it when our customers come up with new and creative ways to use CurationSoft!

Remember:  CurationSoft works all over the place.  Not just on WordPress.  Take Tom’s case study into consideration if you are ever woo’ed by other “me too” curation products solely designed for WordPress.

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