CurationSoft 1.0.3 Released

We just pushed CurationSoft 1.0.3 to users. This is a MAJOR update and we think you’ll love it! The release notes are below. If you run into any issues, make sure to let us know via the support portal. If you wanna talk about how awesome the update is, make sure to let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to use the new “Share Progress” feature in CurationSoft.

Over the next week or two, you’ll be seeing a lot of improvements to the support portal. We plan on adding tutorials, general FAQ and feature requests that the community can vote on. You’re a great bunch and we love you and your ideas. You help us make a better product!

Here are the full release notes…

9/5/11 [1.0.3]

* Added Google News As Source

- Exciting! Now drag and drop news that is happening right now.

* Related Keywords (a.k.a Recommend Post Tags)

- We’re very excited about this feature! Now, when you do a search you’ll be sent a list of “Related Keywords” for your post. These are based on actual related searches performed in the search engines so there’s traffic for these terms. No more trying to decide on good keywords for your tags when you post. CurationSoft does it for you!

* The Progress Monitor

- We added a social element to CurationSoft so you can share your progress with the world. Now, you’ll see how many posts you’ve made with CurationSoft and have the opportunity to share on Facebook and Twitter. Help us out and tell your friends how much you love CurationSoft :)

* The Frequent Menu

- The requests we get most often: Can I keep the window on top? How do I make links open in a new window? With that in mind, we added those options to a new menu, plus drag option for related keywords. We put them in a ‘frequent menu’ because it’s the kind of thing you’ll change on the fly and often. We think it’s a good approach and will save you time and that’s what CurationSoft is all about. NOTE: These are session based variables which means they always default to false and must be set each time the application is run.

* Keyboard Shortcuts

- Now you can scroll through results with up and down arrow keys. Try it out: do a search and then immediately use the down arrow to scroll through results. We think you’ll like this improvement!

* Removed System Tray Functionality

- We found this small feature was confusing users and really served no purpose at this point so we removed it.

* Updated Help Menu Items

- Added a shortcut for license and better descriptions

* Autocomplete Bug Fixes

- Improved the user experience for the autocomplete box. We have a brand new engine for autocompletion and it’s much faster and efficient. The good news is that all of your old data is saved so it’s a seamless upgrade.

* Old Fashioned Copy And Paste

- This is one of those, “it should just probably be there” features. When you right click on an item in the search results you will see a ‘Copy HTML’ menu item and that puts the same data on your clipboard that you usually drag and drop into an editor. Hey, it’s the small things that count right?

* Improved Docking UX

- Fixed a pesky issue where the docking button disappeared when you docked the screen. Should have caught this a long time ago. Sorry about that.

* Menu Styling

- We had a couple of styling issues that needed fixing. Nothing too important here.


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