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As curation continues its upward climb in blogger and news room attention, more and more great stuff is coming out about how curation is done and how to incorporate it into any content marketing plan.

Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter (Photo credit: jdlasica)

Below are some of the best, recent resources from two thought leaders in curation: Robin Good and Beth Canter.

Honest, Caring Curation Is As Important as Creation

www.internetbillboards.net9/6/12  See on – Information Economy Note from Beth: This article was curated by Robin Good who used to point out the difference between sharing and. Great advice for anyone wanting to become an effective content curator: “Whether in tweets, in blog posts, in podcasts, or in newsletters, be ruthless with your attention. … Some adopt a strategy of blanket-curation, throwing everything new or fresh or remotely interesting online and letting other consumers make

The Key Benefits of Content Curation by Beth Kanter: Presentation

www.scoop.it9/26/11  Robin Good: Here is the official presentation that Beth Kanter delivered yesterday, accompanied by a curated bundle of user contributions (mostly tweets) and relevant resources (stats, some visuals and other resources) outlining the key benefits that content curation can bring. To do so, she used which allowed her to pull in Ten Great Google Plus Tips | Rainbow SEO | digital marketing strategy | Your Google Plus page reflects your businesses



Digital Curator or Content Curator – Beth Kanter Interviews Robin

sigaloncuration.soup.io1/29/12 - Digital Curator or Content Curator – Beth Kanter Interviews Robin Good – Insights & Tips On Curation For Non- Profits [Video] | Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond. Beth Kanter interviewed Robin Good a few days

Curation-ism, Part II: 4 Steps to Take to Go Forth and Curate

www.business2community.com4/12/12 - So in the spirit of that advice, here is a run-down of OpenView’s content curation process, with tips as well as a list of tools and other examples of curation models from around the web below. For an even more substantial overview of content curation, check out Beth Kanter’s terrific “Content Curation Primer”. And for Robin Good has a lot of interesting things to say regarding the importance of your visual delivery of content curation, and what’s in store for the future.

Adding more value to your Blog: How to write a Digest | Web

www.web-strategist.com10/3/07 - Beth Kanter asks in the comments form today’s Social Networking Strategy: “I’m remembering Robin Good’s piece on news mastering techniques — this is what you’re doing here. So, any tips or secrets you want to share with

Shallow vs. Quality Curation

Robin discusses the difference between the two and the differences are very important.   Machine aggregated content and curation using only software tools without context, meaning, and opinion being provided by the curator is what he calls shallow curation.

One of the things we drill into customers from the very beginning of their CurationSoft usage is that neither our tool, nor any other tool, gives you a completely curated, professional blog post.  A piece of software cannot come up with a good opinion, relevant to the discussion at hand.

That’s why CurationSoft is a “content assistant” rather than being touted as a set-it-and-forget it tool like so many others.  The editor HAS to be involved and HAS to put the human touch on every piece of content they touch.


Because it increases relevance and meaning for readers and the search engines who track what readers are liking, tweeting, and talking about around the web.  The only way to get people to share and love your content is to do it better than an aggregator which only supplies search results.

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