Curation Myths Busted – Free PDF Guide

Learn How To Build Big Traffic With Curation! (And Save A Lot Of Time On Marketing!)

You’ve heard all the buzz about curation by now. We’re busting the myths of curation in our new free guide!

What is curation, really?

  • Can curation really provide value to readers? (Value = traffic = money on the web!)
  • Can curation rank in search engines just like 100% original content does?
  • And what about tools?
  • What curation tools, like plugins, software, and browser add-ons do curators use to create their posts?
  • How do I use them to create the ultimate in curated content?

The answers to all of the above (and more) can be found in the brand new Blog Success Guide to Curation.

And this short but powerful guide to curation is totally free! 

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  • Learn how to post more often by incorporating curation. Posting more means more chances for search engine traffic as well as keeping your readers interested and voting for your content via the social networks.
  • Learn all about the best curation tools to use with your WordPress blog.
  • A fantastic curation resource that makes your posts look incredible with images and formatting.
  • How to spice up your posts with exact right amount of commentary to make them something truly valuable to readers (and Google!)
  • How to turn your keyword list into attention-grabbing posts that take minutes instead of hours to create.

In 2013 there won’t be any bigger buzz word than “curation.” Website owners, bloggers, content marketers. product owners, and affiliate marketers are all wondering what the fuss is about.

Question: “Is curation really that good?”

Answer: Simply put, yes. Yes it is! It really works and tens of thousands of bloggers use it to produce traffic in far lest time than it takes to constantly churn out 100% original content.

Done properly, with the right tools and techniques, curation can take a stagnant content site and turn it into a sticky, social media and search-engine-worthy targeted traffic site!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for more search engine rankings, better site authority, a more dedicated following, or more social media buzz.

Curation is the best way for busy people to reap the rewards of a high-traffic site without spending all day, every day, writing content and trying to “trick” people into visiting their sites with crappy content.

I guarantee you’ll learn some tactics in this free curation guide that will lead to more traffic, better rankings, and more social love than you’re getting now!

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