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Apple Inc.

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Apple has put forth some design ideas for Samsung to help the company steer clear of Apple’s patent infringement claims. How nice of Apple!

Apparently, Apple thinks the rectangle belongs to them. So they suggest Samsung stay away from that shape in their tablets and phones. Along with the novelty of “rounded corners.”

Probably the best idea Apple offered to Samsung was to clutter up their interface. This would be a big difference between the two companies and, I’m sure, would help Samsung’s sales a great deal.

From Slash Gear:  ”Tablets should also not be rectangular or not have rounded corners. They should have thick frames with a front surface that doesn’t lie entirely flat. Also, the profiles should not be thin and the interface should have a cluttered appearance.”

To sum up, Apple basically gave Samsung the plans for going out of business. Or creating the world’s first triangular tablet with a confusing user interface and no rounded corners. :)

Here’s what the web is saying:

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