How to Create Effective Content with Content Curation Tool

The following are six case studies on effective content curation using CurationSoft. CurationSoft enables users to deploy the software to provide interesting, refreshing and relevant content to their readers.

1. Johan Oosthuizen has a great site on bench press (fitness) and the following post is a great example of curation. In this post he curates from multiple sources on muscle-building. So he has a focused keyword (“muscle-building”) and has provided excellent content from four different sources – a video, a training program, a blog and a book from Amazon.

Pulling content from a variety of sources ensures that you have something for everyone, and your user spends time on your site. They have a good experience which in turn is noticed by the Google bot and your site ranks higher. Check out Johan’s post for best practice in content curation.

2. Dan Strobel uses google feeds to provide content curation. The topic is mostly on motorcycles and sport and he also uses video curation to some extent.

3. This site is about fishing and the blogger provides his fishing experience in various regions and talks about various types of fish. He uses the state department of natural resources blog to curate content from, when talking about spring fishing in Michigan.

4. 5 amazing horse rescue stories is a good example of curated content. In the introduction to the post, the blogger provides her notes as to what to expect. This is what separates “curation” from “aggregation”. In curation, the blogger leads the way with notes, expert opinion and recommendation. In aggregation, posts or stories are simply collected and presented.

5. In the post below, Gordon Stamp provides a great infographic on fitness. He also provides a news article and a video, indicating that this content will appeal to the reader. The effort is in providing the reader with interesting, refreshing content which is appropriate to the keyword input by the reader. This is the core concept of content curation. You are not building original content, but you are saving the reader time and effort in running around the web for content. You bring it all in one place, tied by the keyword and embellished with your experience, insights, recommendation and opinion. That is valuable.

6. Our sixth post is on cordless drills, mostly pulling content/product from the amazon site.

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