5 Successful Sites that use Content Curation Power to drive traffic

This is a guest post by LaToya Glenn of Florida, USA.

LaToya helps local small and home based businesses get targeted leads for their business.


I want to talk about 5 sites, my favorite sites, that leverage content curation power to generate and sustain reader interest.  Oh yes, they also attract good traffic, and content curation looks to be the key.

Hundreds of businesses establish their brand image successfully by dabbling in content curation every year. The key here is to practice good curation techniques. This can really make or break your brand image. Content curation, for the most part of it, is a full range of activities, each evolving into the next.

Content curation includes:

  • Simply aggregating content on a subject. This can be with or without focus and direction
  • Actively promoting a specific point of view on a topic through this curated information as support
  • Collection of content generated by users through social conversations on reported news, building a networking community
  • Actively covering ‘newsroom’ trending topics in real-time

Check out our top 5 favorites when it comes to effective content curation below:

  1. Slashdot.org: Slashdot, a technology news website run by a team of editors and coders, is all about news for “nerds.” It gives you news article snippets, some relevant commentary, and active reader engagement in the comments section. Most importantly, the news is always fresh, up-to-date, and relevant utilizing best content curation practices.
  2. Huffington Post: Another one of our favorite and most popular sites on the internet that is completely composed of curated content is the Huffington Post. It really represents the gold-standard benchmark when it comes to curating informative, user-friendly content.
  3. Deadspin.com: This one is completely full to the brim with sports commentary and news, except with the humorous edge added to it all. This website adds colorful commentary into articles of interest on sports topics, from around the World Wide Web. The bulk of this curated content really is curated sports articles with their own spin added in, hence the name.
  4. Kottke.org: This is probably not as popular a content curation example as some of the others on this list. However, it actually is one of the oldest active blogs on the net. Run mainly by Mr. Jason Kottke, it focuses on providing users with nifty tidbits on a huge collection of topics. Why this one caught our eye was how its owner has perfected the skill of publishing correct amounts of content at the correct times. There’s always an interesting thing or two to catch on here.
  5. Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed has a whole team of curators and editors behind the constant feed of unique combination articles and information. They’ve got all it takes to interest a reader and endless supply of it too. From 20 things that a baby experiences the first time to the five most important predictions for Season 4 ‘Walking Dead’ – they’ve got everything!

Content curation can be made efficient by specialized software that makes the process of curating quality, up-to-date content on a topic of your choice easier, faster, and simpler. It helps boost your productivity through the wide range of applications, sources, and tools available. It also offers users a variety of methods of curation.



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