How to avoid costly mistakes in content curation 


  Digital marketing strategy calls for publishing rich content consistently.  There is only so much original content that you can generate to influence your customers. In fact, when you try to create more original content under time pressure – i.e. to meet the deadlines you imposed on yourself – your content quality goes down drastically. […]

Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website 

This guest post is by Norman Morrison of, a local community website. Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website. A community website, besides business advertising pages hosts a collection of interesting local articles. These articles add SEO juice in the eyes of Google and value in the eyes of the community. For the owner/webmaster/ content editor this […]

5 Successful Sites that use Content Curation Power to drive traffic 

This is a guest post by LaToya Glenn of Florida, USA. LaToya helps local small and home based businesses get targeted leads for their business.   I want to talk about 5 sites, my favorite sites, that leverage content curation power to generate and sustain reader interest.  Oh yes, they also attract good traffic, and […]

What Google Officially Thinks of Content Curation Practices in 2013 

Content curation is the practice of collecting a wide array of relevant data to a specific subject and then recreating content based on this knowledge to deliver it to your target audience. In a sense, this practice is nothing new to the world. In fact, schools have been doing this for hundreds of years. Any time you wrote […]

Create and Publish Quality Content with a Drag-and-Drop Software 

You know that you need to create amazing, high-quality content if you want to keep your visitors happy, but it’s super time-consuming. Even huge companies like,, and use a way of creating content that “samples” parts of other content called “content curation”. Here is a content packed webinar on content curation we […]

9 Content Curation Best Practices For Creating Great Content 

Content curation is now fast catching on as a method for creating authoritative and useful content. Creating quality curated content is an art and with any such activity there are things that you should and should not do. Here are nine content curation best practices that you should try to follow so that the content […]

CurationSoft Review With Results 

We stumbled upon a fantastic review of CurationSoft with results posted that demonstrate what this incredible software can do for your traffic. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you Kate’s traffic success is because I’m personally amazed at the huge traffic increase it’s given her. I thought it might help a bit, but in a month […]

Why Social Marketing Is So Important To SEO 

The more people you have in your social circles, the more people are exposed to your pages in search. You’ve likely seen the changes in Google’s SERPS over the last several months as they’ve adopted and adapted to social media signals and networks of friends.  In searches you can see how friends in your network […]

Curating Silliness: Apple’s Ideas On Samsung Designs 

Apple has put forth some design ideas for Samsung to help the company steer clear of Apple’s patent infringement claims. How nice of Apple! Apparently, Apple thinks the rectangle belongs to them. So they suggest Samsung stay away from that shape in their tablets and phones. Along with the novelty of “rounded corners.” Probably the […]

CurationSoft Launch Price Ends 

Note: These changes are taking effect November 9th at 12 PM EST. With 7 upgrades, including 2 major releases, since our recent launch in August 2011, CurationSoft has come to the end of our launch phase pricing. We’ve done a lot more to the software, a lot faster than we initially thought possible,  to give […]