How to avoid costly mistakes in content curation 


  Digital marketing strategy calls for publishing rich content consistently.  There is only so much original content that you can generate to influence your customers. In fact, when you try to create more original content under time pressure – i.e. to meet the deadlines you imposed on yourself – your content quality goes down drastically. […]

Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website 

This guest post is by Norman Morrison of, a local community website. Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website. A community website, besides business advertising pages hosts a collection of interesting local articles. These articles add SEO juice in the eyes of Google and value in the eyes of the community. For the owner/webmaster/ content editor this […]

How To Dominate Google With Author Rank – by Tony Evans 

It is known to many that Google released its authorship markup feature for Google plus users. It is predicted that soon Google will use these authorship markups as a basis of ranking. In this article, we will discuss on how you can dominate the search results when the time comes for author rank to be […]