Extremely cool video on data visualization. The cousin of curation. 

This is a brilliant video depicting the art of data visualization as a curation method. Data Visualization in Motion from Dataveyes on Vimeo. Best quote from video:   “Data Is The New Oil.  Extract Meaning.  Refine Knowledge.”

Robert Scoble talks about curation 

This is an amazingly “lost” video on YouTube.  It has a very low view count which is unusual given that it is an interview with Robert Scoble. The points Robert makes about the joy he gets from curating and disseminating what he curates are infectious.  Sadly, to this day and since this interview, relatively few […]

Curation tip #356: curating the news 

Below is an example of how you can catch your readers up on trending news with YouTube video.  The television news world is just a fragment of what it used to be in peoples’ lives.  We all miss a lot of stuff as our attention is fractured among all our incoming information streams. A great […]

Chaos produces opportunity 

A good curator delivers the most important, most interesting, or most informative content from a sea of noise. In any lively topic range, curators deliver clarity while saving readers time. Rather than having to navigate the noisy sea of date themselves, they are able to rely on the curator to make sense of any topic. […]

How to Absolutely KILL IT with Email Marketing 

People don’t talk about the #1 way (still) to earn great income from your content marketing efforts:  your email list. Despite all the doom-and-gloom stories about email being dead over the past several years, nothing of the sort is actually true.  Our lists make us a big chunk of our monthly income and the same […]

5 Easy Blog Content Ideas 

At CurationSoft, our main goal is to help bloggers and social media networkers come up with primo content regularly.  The hardest parts of content development are always 1) ideas and 2) efficient sharing of those ideas. Here is a list of 5 easy blog content ideas you can use to help out in a pinch. […]

What are the very best times to curate on Twitter and Facebook? 

Dan Zarrella did a cool study and The Next Web summarized it.  We thought a simple infographic on the best times to share on Twitter and Facebook might help! (Though Dan’s is far cooler for detail!)  :)

How To Curate From Sites You Find While Surfing 

Another great question came in recently about curating from sites you find when you’re using Google Reader or just surfing links people pass around on social sites. “How do you load that content into CurationSoft so you can drag and drop it?” Here’s the answer: 1. Grab the title of the article – the whole […]

Don’t Need An RSS Feed! 

Many people have been asking if future upgrades to CurationSoft will include an ability to add RSS feeds.  This would enable you to follow certain places you like to curate from on a regular basis. But we don’t need RSS feeds to dig into our favorite sites! Here’s a neato work around you can use […]

Social Curation: Original Curation vs Me-Too Sharing 

The reason some people really go big in social media and get huge followings boils down to one thing: they originate discussions much, much more than everyone else. What this means is, people like Scoble and Kawasaki curate some pretty serious content.  Casual observers just think they’re “noisy.”  But more often than not, they are […]