How to avoid costly mistakes in content curation 


  Digital marketing strategy calls for publishing rich content consistently.  There is only so much original content that you can generate to influence your customers. In fact, when you try to create more original content under time pressure – i.e. to meet the deadlines you imposed on yourself – your content quality goes down drastically. […]

How to Create Effective Content with Content Curation Tool 

The following are six case studies on effective content curation using CurationSoft. CurationSoft enables users to deploy the software to provide interesting, refreshing and relevant content to their readers. 1. Johan Oosthuizen has a great site on bench press (fitness) and the following post is a great example of curation. In this post he curates […]

Curation News From Experts Who Know 

As curation continues its upward climb in blogger and news room attention, more and more great stuff is coming out about how curation is done and how to incorporate it into any content marketing plan. Below are some of the best, recent resources from two thought leaders in curation: Robin Good and Beth Canter. Honest, […]

What makes a good curator? 

This video by Percolate is really quite good.  Curation is very serious business.  You won’t find dime store internet marketers doing it well.  Or even properly.  Don’t let the spammy techniques that some are passing off as curation color your view of just how powerful a good curator can become on the web… Download “Curation […]

CurationSoft and Pinterest 

Here’s a great case study on how Tom Treanor, from Right Mix Marketing, uses CurationSoft to help him curate great content onto his Pinterest board. My Secret Weapon for Pinterest Content Curation “I’ve been a user and affiliate of CurationSoft for a while now. I’ve used it mainly for writing curated blog posts (with it’s content discovery […]

How Does Linking To Other Sites Bring You More Traffic? 

This is one of the most often asked questions I get from beginner content marketers who are investigating  curation.  I say “beginner” because once you’ve read a few sites  that aren’t just shopping or direct sales sites, you quickly realize that everyone is linking to other sites – a lot.  And not by gun point, […]

Types of Curation Part 2: Curated Hubs 

This is Part 2 in a series.  (Read Types of Curation Part 1) [box type="info" size="large" style="rounded"]There are several different types of curation. In fact, there are almost as many types of curation as there are definitions of what exactly curation is. But there are only two, count them, TWO types of curation that can […]

Types of Curation 

Part 1 of a two part series… There are several different types of curation.  In fact, there are almost as many types of curation as there are definitions of what exactly curation is. But there are only two, count them, TWO types of curation that can be monetized well and used for brand-building. [box type="info" size="large" […]

The Effect of Curation On Reader Engagement and Loyalty 

What about context? Since everyone is pretty much focused on the technology behind curation these days (shiny new thing syndrome), I thought it would be nice to pull back and look at why curation works. Specifically, why proper curation causes readership to rise and engagement to increase, as well as notable increases in social “buzz.” […]

Content Marketing News – Curated 

I’ve been playing with lately.  Some would say I’ve been sleeping with the enemy, but in truth, and CurationSoft play really nicely together. While getting to know the interface and features, I saw a perfect opportunity for the two to work together through RSS.  Every curation page has an RSS feed (the […]